"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Sex In The Classroom

Do we have an opinion about the province's sex education curriculum. ? I think yes.

Are we going to engage in the discussion?  Maybe not.

The exchange between Barrie MLA John  MacNaughton and Premier Wynne makes for an interesting start.

Mr MacNaughton,leadership candidate for Conservatives ,said something about the government,
"Eapecially Kathleen Wynne" should not be .........

City line reporter Cynthia Mulligan asked the MLA directly if that was a shot at the Premier because she is lesbian.

Mr. McNaughton said  "Of course not".

But if it.wasn't,what was it ? Why did he say it? And why did he back off?

The Premier on the other hand decided to call Mr.McNaughton out on his comment.

In the legislative assembly  He was asked to explain:

"Is it because I am a woman ...is it because I am a mother...Is it because I have a Masters Degree in Education....is it because I have served as Minister of Education . Mr. Speaker" she asked.

She  did not ask . " Is it because I am lesbian?"

Both  members are equally aware of  what they were talking about.

Both tip-toed delicately all around it.

I think it may be the sticking point of the sex education curriculum.

Are.we  going  to teach children in the classroom that homosexuality is an acceptable life style?

Are parents prepared to  go that far?

I believe it's past time to accept that children are sexual beings and society needs  to have a conversation about how to teach them  what they need to know for their own protection.

The issue is huge. If parents don't do it, plenty of others are willing and apparently have filled the vacuum with stuff parents are not willing to live with.

If  sexually transmitted disease amongst children, particularly girls, is the crisis pushing this curriculum forward ,parents need to know and deal with it now.

I have read or heard about that  aspect but not extensively.

If anal sex and oral sex are the root of the problem  that's a question of hygiene and God  knows what other health scourge might develop.,

The awful consequence of the practices  is surely sufficient and natural argument against them.

To say nothing of the need  to respect one's own body.

Teaching children how to do it safely is ass backwards in my judgement.Pardon the pun .

It's not likely to gain acceptance. And neither it should.

Furthermore if parents are not the ones to teach their children, why would teachers do it better.?

Are they not parents also?

What  kind of a mine field is being set up for teachers ?


Anonymous said...

Teachers are having a tough enough time trying to bring Ontario schools up to a decent level in the national testing. They simply do not have the tools to engage kids from broken homes who might have turned up without lunch in a discussion about sex at the age being suggested by the Premier.
She might have a point with the older ones who were always separated by sex to discuss " health " in the past.

Anonymous said...

You are clearly in the dark ages on sexuallity.Gey sith the times or at least close to it pleeeeeeeeze.

Anonymous said...

"(T)hat far"


Anonymous said...

"If anal sex and oral sex are the root of the problem that's a question of hygiene not morality."

Huh ??? I was always told to wear clean underwear. Is that why?

Anonymous said...

Silly woman. If she was going to mess with anything in the classrooms it should have been that evil math they require kids to learn.

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather have a popsicle.

Anonymous said...

There are no brownie points for Wynne on this one. She is going to find herself dealing with those who freak out at the idea of teachers talking to their kids about sexuality & those who do not care about the education system as long as it keeps their kids busy.

Anonymous said...

Auroran is up but it did not allow me to vote........

Anonymous said...

This evening's version of our weekly newspaper should really be held off-the-air until it is complete.

I got stuck with Kean's letter about naming streets, again. The first time was too much.

Perhaps the editor of the paper should withhold publishing material from this person until it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about the naming of new streets, building, trails etc. . I do have an issue when they want to rename something. I think it's quite arrogant and shameful.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the editor of the paper should withhold publishing material from this person until it makes sense."

That would be a dangerous precident. Most of those that write to the editor would have to be similarly withheld.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps there should be two editions, one for sensible people and one for the other kind.

They could always move back and forth based on their "sense-meter" rating.

Anonymous said...

And who would be the arbiter of who is sensible and who is not?

Reminds me of the Python skit of election returns. There was the "Sensible party" candidate, the "Not So Sensible party" candidate, the "Silly party" candidate and the "Very Silly party" candidate.

Anonymous said...


You do not care about the naming of streets?

I then submit to you the name of the newest street in the Town..... Phyliss Morris Street. Right turn onto.... Nigel Kean Road... Left turn onto Granger Grove.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Evalina.......

Anonymous said...

7:16- Good God are they on the list? If they are...I take my comment back!