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Thursday 5 February 2015

What IS it All About?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Thrill Of The Chase":

"Maintaining  two bands ,Fife and Drum,I believe , is probably expensive but also a likely source of revenue."

Oh My God!!!

There is ONE band. It is the QYR PIPE AND DRUMS... that means it has bag pipes and drums in it!

They get NO revenue from it. 


For Goodness  Sake. We are just chatting here. No need to throw a knipschen fit.

I took my information from the QYR web site.

Just above where he signs as  Councillor of the Town of Aurora ,in his letter soliciting funds, your
Events Chairman,Christopher Ballard refers to "bands " in the plural.

I had the pleasure of watching a  QYR Fife and Drums band perform in a ceremony at Fort York Armouries .I assumed it would be one of two.

Any band is expensive to maintain  and it's not unusual to be paid a fee wherever they may be asked to perform. It's the biggest expense of a parade.

If you are looking for misinformation maybe you should check your own source .

When you write about a regimental family asking $300 a ticket for an event serving snacks and opportunity to meet with high officials , the concept of financial hardship takes on a different connotation to the norm.

AND...if the outfit in our Hydro Building and the Fund-raising Foundation are not connected,perhaps someone would like to explain the difference. And why their base of operation is Aurora.

Why Aurora business ,Town Officials  and citizens were asked to buy those phoney baloney sponsorships at a cost of thousands?

Pray tell !


Anonymous said...

Just our local pedant pontificating. It has been lurking for more than 4 years & shows no sign of running for office or relinquishing its cloak of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Bagpipes and drums ALWAYS go together.

Anonymous said...


I have been told by someone who knows, that the "local pendant" is someone who has a blog already and likes to stir up the pot once in a while as someone else.

Anonymous said...

Since we are talking about bands, why did the QYR choose a Pipe Band from Streetsville (Mississauga)? We have a perfectly good pipe band in Aurora ...