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Friday 6 March 2015

Pray Tell What You Know

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Pomp and Circumstance": 

"The information I received may be right and the fight is not to make people aware of their glorious history as it is for current survival. The Federal Government is said to be planning to shut them down."

I really wish you would stop posting conjecture about what you have been told the Federal Government is going to do. If anything the reserves are being re-inforced.  

As a private individual, you should verify your sources. 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 6 March 2015 at 12:17


As a private individual I can make all the wild and wooly conjecture I please .

As long as I do not claim them to be facts they are open to correction.

We know the federal government's operates military bases. We have been told on this blog that  when
Reserves are called to action they afe required  to go to a military base for training to deal with those infernal devices the unknown and unidentifiable enemy hve hidden in the sand for the purpose of blowing to pieces  unwary Canadian  soldiers to smithereens.

I do pay attention to what I hear from all sides. The blog is open to informed comment.

So please,if you know something I don't about how the federal government is organising resources for best result . ..pray tell. Don't tease.


Anonymous said...

Just ask the question.

"Canada's Army Reserve is organized into 143 units, located in 177 cities and communities across the country. The role of the Army Reserve is to provide the framework to mobilize, augment and sustain the Canadian Forces and serve as a link between the military and civilian communities as guided by the key Connect with Canadians initiative.

After a period of very high operational tempo, the Army Reserve is focusing its efforts on reconstitution and expanding to meet its funded strength target of 19,471 part-time soldiers. It continues to provide augmentation to the Regular Force for domestic and international operations and to backfill Regular Force personnel shortfalls within the land forces and the CAF at all levels of responsibility. These demands will be balanced against the needs of the Army Reserve for its own leadership and management of personnel.

Domestically, the Army Reserve continues to develop and refine the force employment concepts of Territorial Battalion Groups (TBGs), Domestic Response Companies (DRC) and Arctic Response Company Groups (ARCG). These nascent capabilities represent the force employment framework through which the Army Reserve will leverage existing unit structures and capacities and eventually take the land forces lead in domestic operations, with support from the Regular Force as required.

Internationally, the role of the Army Reserve has expanded to provide 20 per cent of required land force personnel to expeditionary operations through individual and formed capability augmentation."

Directly from DND!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure we have been warned against accepting facts & numbers from the DND. Given some of the military procurement scandals and horrendous costs, I would treat your comment as an advertisement. And not a good enough one for me to suggest young people chose careers in the military unless they are highly motivated to do so.

Anonymous said...

15:49- well said