"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 26 September 2015


I went to sleep  last night thinking about the logic of the decision to strike down federal law requiring faces to be uncovered during citizenship oath -taking. 

My last thought was the Ontario Health card. The holder's photo has to be on the card for I.D. 

The Ontario Government requires it because of millions of dollars of fraud against Ontario Health.  Previous cards were easily forged,sold, stolen or transferred to people not entitled to service.. Since all Ontario residents are entitled,it meant people who came from elsewhere were obtaining health care at the expense of Ontario taxpayers. Costs grew out of control. 

We all  know how costly health care is. We keep being reminded. As we speak,doctors are organising on social media to protest a cut in fees by the Ontario government. They will likely forecast a mass exodus of doctors to the States....again. Because of how much more they can make in the buccaneer system of care down there. 

The purpose of the photograph on the health card is obviously so the person presenting can be identified by the receiver. It can't happen with a veil covered face.

At least one young  doctor at Extendicare clinic covers her head but not her face. Whether it's in accordance with religion I don't know. 

Orthodox Jewish women cut their hair and wear a wig at the time of marriage. Girl Children are covered  in sleeves to their wrists and dresses to their ankles. They do not cover heads and faces with a veil. Few  would notice their custom except other Orthodox Jews. 

This morning, my thoughts had just kept turning  as if sleep had not intervened . 

Do children have health cards or does mother present hers to obtain health care for the child. 

A driver's license has to have a photo......passport photos are the stuff of comedy.

How is it no legal appeal has been filed against having to be identified in a doctor's office or not being allowed into the country without a passport complete with photograph.

How many charges are laid  by police for not carrying a driver's license with identifying photograph? 
What use is it if the officer can't match the face to the photo? 

How easy should it  be to obtain  health services ....move in and out of the country ....drive a car 
.....or any other services that requires photo identification? 

Was the fight to take the Oath of Citizenship with a covered face less about religion and more about 

How was it logical to decide a Muslim woman is entitled to keep her face hidden at all times for religious reason....even when seeking the privilege of becoming a Canadian citizen?

Citizenship  is not a right . A Greek friend failed the test three times. He could not memorize names of former Prime MInisters. Everyone in his family managed but every time he failed it made the next time harder. 

The main obligation of  the oath is to abide by Canada's laws. An appeal against one law could reasonably signal disagreement with a Canadian law. 

Press stories indicate the Judge hastened his decision so the appellant could vote in the upcoming  federal election. 

The woman can't vote without photo I.D.

Imagine what Donald Trump would do with a story like that. 

Why did the Judge bring the election into his decision? 

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am not a Stephen Harper fan. But I've never felt the slightest  
inclination to argue against common sense as plain as the nose on one's  face.

The decision is being appealed.

Since I started the post Jason Kenny, Minister of Immigration has said  80% of Canadians support the law. He has launched  a petition on Facebook. 


Anonymous said...

Doctors make a very good income. I don't think many of them would dispute that. But when you have the provincial gov't say "hey...we just don't have the money to support this system we need to claw back.", then hand over that "savings"to cops and teachers....I have a problem with that!

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with the election - don't drive anymore - no valid license. Still got old health card- no photo.
Going to take social insurance card and some other cards with a few bills and hope to get a sane person on the desk

Anonymous said...

Covering the head but leaving the face clear is common for those in the work place. I expect their next generation
may do away with all coverings but it takes time and exposure to the school process.

Heather said...

My little guy doesn't have a photo on his health card, and I just had to provide proof of my card number to renew his card. I believe photos start at age 16.

Anonymous said...

I think the face covering will have to go regardless of the judiciary. It will be interesting to watch the
situation evolve.

Anonymous said...

I have often thought that driver's licenses could be obtained for others when it is difficult to distinguish individuals, And some of the drivers I encounter on the roads support that non-PC fancy.

Anonymous said...

Used to be if you were caught driving without a license with a photo, you were given until noon the next day to show up
at the cop shop. Now I expect it is a hefty fine right away.

Anonymous said...

Faces are only covered in public, not in the home. That might present a problem giving birth in any modern hospital
where outside clothes are routinely removed for health reasons.

Anonymous said...

The Lone Ranger would feel right at home.

Anonymous said...

The laws around identification card in Ontario are pretty simple.

1. There are two types of Health Cards. The original red/white ones without a photo are STILL valid until and unless you get a renewal from the Ministry. My wife still uses hers, I have a photo card. The green photo card is issued to any new users (babies, etc.). A photo is not required until the age of majority (18). The photo card is valid for 5 years before a renewal is required. When the photo cards were first brought out, the intent was to merge their purpose with drivers' licenses. Has not happened yet.

2. Drivers licenses have had photos for a long time now. At one point in time they were two pieces, the photo part and the license part. You had to present them together.

3. Ontario Photo Card. This is a card that looks like a drivers' license but is not. It is simply for identification purposes. Back in the day, we would have called the Age of Majority card - meant to show you were old enough to drink. It is now the defacto ID card for those without a driver's license.

So, to 16:12. If you look at the list of accepted identification, you will find that you can vote with a multiple different pieces of ID. I suggest that you acquire a Photo Card and make your life easier.

To 15:00. The show up with your license thing was always an old wives' tale. You must provide - when requested - your driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. There is no grace period to show it - there never was.

Anonymous said...

Thank you - going with the multiple choice to vote and will then get a photo card. Got enough Aurora receipts.

Anonymous said...

Jason Kenny is a nut-bar. He has no idea how many Canadians might or might not believe in anything.
He would probably be correct to say that a " large majority seem to support the law "
Why he has to exaggerate everything eludes me. Even when he is making sense as he is on this occasion.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:58
It was not just an old wives tale.
I was stopped in Leaside driving my dad's car in my bare feet without a license.
The officer was going to call my folks and it was after their bedtime. I ended up back in Leaside the next day to show my license.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Justin is any better?

Anonymous said...

Sure, he makes just as much sense and lacks the nastiness.

Anonymous said...

What you received there my friend is a police officer's independent decision making. The LAW never allowed for this.

It was a different time then.

Anonymous said...

8:09- It seems that it was also a better time then. God forbid that a cop used some common sense independent decision making today.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong - and this group will do that - the recent decision was around the wearing of the face covering during the ceremony of receiving citizenship NOT that they can be uncovered in official government photo id - like driver license or passport. The laws around those have not changed and they must be uncovered.

But, the extremists always have to jump to the extreme.

Anonymous said...

No, you are not wrong. But this is a discussion, not a term paper for you to correct.

Anonymous said...

Ha! They make more money today then they did back in those then, and the job now eliminated the independent thinking prerequisite. Funny how civil service jobs progress through the yrs.

Anonymous said...

Just went over to chris's blog. He's hilarious. This Center is truly embarrasing.