"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday 15 April 2012

Neither Sense Nor Sensibility

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I approach this subject with caution. Feel free to give it a pass if it is out of line. Do you think that what has just transpired, the swiftness, nastiness and evidence of planning, will serve as an object lesson to Council? Two or three Councillors appeared to be aware of the lurking menace; others carried on blithely which led to the infamous flip-flop over the termination clause. It would be reassuring to hope that such an event would not happen again but that is asking too much.
I guess to put it into general terms,are the three isolated Councillors going to become further cut off or can we expect to see no behavioral changes at the next meeting which I do not think is on TV?


We are in our  seventeenth month of office. The pattern is consistent. Only very occasionally does Councillor Gallo veer from the old alliance and practice of  pre-planning. Councillor Gaertner's
conduct is no more the result of her own thinking now than it ever was.

Even more occasionally, Councillor Humphryes will join the unholy trinity.  To the benefit of the St Kitts family music business or as in the case of the Church Street School governance body.

It's  not enough  to be  fourth leg  of the alliance. But it is there.

I made the mistake of assuming  everyone who was a candidate in the  last election was thoroughly familiar with what had gone before and  that it was, in good part, the reason for their election.

I always make that mistake. It comes from being to so tightly involved myself .  I set myself up for disappointment.

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Ruby says
I was not offended by Mayor Dawes quick retort. I was, however offended,in my home,with friends, in my living room when the former Mayor and her minions allowed the public flogging of Councillor Buck by Ms.Kitts before the awards ceremony for children that evening many months back. Abuse at its finest...no one stopped it, not even the former Mayor.That in itself spoke volumes.


With the former Mayor in the chair, there was no stopping whatever plot had been devised beforehand to obtain maximum collateral
damage of someone else's  character.

The episode  was  certainly planned beforehand.

The St Kitts woman made her unsubstantiated  accusations  and unfounded allegations  in the public forum. Had she asked for delegation status and stated her purpose, she would  have undoubtedly been denied the opportunity by staff.

Her comments were in writing. The Mayor requested they be handed to the secretary.  The whole thing is on tape.

The Mayor established  pre-planning by  reference to "an inquiry"
into the matter she had arranged for ten o'clock the next morning with the CAO and the town solicitor.

Nothing came of  that. No doubt the co-operation she sought  on that occasion was not forthcoming. 

Like Councillor Ballard's reference to Council and residents as "rubes", the thinking that permitted them to consider  such conduct  acceptable was beyond credibility.

Councillor Mac Eachern's letter to the editor  clearly indicates they have learned  nothing.

They  never understood what is expected  from their office. They still don't. They never will.


Anonymous said...

Evalina may have convinced herself to go for another Code of Conduct violation, this time against Mayor Dawe. Don't know why she has suddenly lost it but he should be prepared next Council meeting. Has to be more to this than we are seeing.

Anonymous said...

I suppose evalina could set Councillor Wendy up to introduce a possible Code violation but Wendy has a few apologies of her own to make to staff and Council members.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Humphryes' ambivalence is confusing. On the one hand she represents those who voted for her on a platform to reduce excessive spending,.Haven't seen a whole lot of that from her even on items like paving sidewalks on both sides of Industrial. On the other hand, she is dealing with the same people who told her not to run and that she should stick to sitting on committees. For those she seems to be willing to waive the careful spending rules. She should remember how they treated her and that she is considered expendable by them as they move on.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah....

Whoa is me, the bleached blonde from Snowball maligned me in front of my family.... Waaaaaaaa

At least she did not hit you with a rolled up newspaper. Or call you names.

How long are we going to trot out this incident that happened so long ago?

Get over it, politics is a game and some play by their own rules.

Anonymous said...

I think Councillor Humphryes vacillates all the time. I can never follow her comments. It's as though she tries to debate with herself out loud rather than delivering a clear opinion. I wish she would be more decisive but I guess she finds it hard to sever the apron strings for too long.
As for MacEachern's letter about the mayor's comments.... talk about hypocrisy. We had 4 years of her truly inappropriate and nasty comments. She was the queen of that!!!
She should crawlback under her rock and do us all a favour.

Anonymous said...

What are "rubes"?