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Monday 23 April 2012

The Writer is right

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I think someone is tinkering with history. Correct me but I think the Hot Spot died when the funding from Bingo ceased and Wendy was unable to find any sponsors to replace them There was also an election coming up and she wanted to shed the thing. Much as Granger had a hissy fit and quit badgering the Farmers' Market. The Market did just fine without him and a replacement for the Hot Spot could do equally well.


Councillor Gaertner was originally using space in Regency Acres public school. The Lions Club Hall on the corner of Mosely and Victoria Street  was their second home.

Revenue from  Bingo funds made that possible. There was also a membership charge , I understand.

Costs of operation were high not just because of rent . I believe the
little darlings were fairly hard on the premises.They were pre-teens. 

Requests for sponsorships for the operation was not forthcoming and the enterprise moved to the auditorium at the Community Centre.

Attendance  there dropped off  almost completely. A $1000 grant from the town failed to remedy the situation and the enterprise came to an end.

That experience supports the premise, a facility needs to be in the
heart of the community.

Teens will find a way to be with teens. It's their  nature. They need to be where things are happening ...or have the potential for happening.


Anonymous said...

Attendance did not drop off because of the venue change. It dropped off because the activity was a lame attempt at keeping the kids occupied.

We really need to wake up and understand the needs and demands of the youth of today before we spend any money on a facility.

They do not want to sit around a room and eat a cold slice of pizza and watch a movie that is over a year old. They can watch whatever they want on their computer, phone, game system and eat whatever they want at the same time.

For the kids that are out and about at night, the activities suggested would not be attractive to them either.

I think we need to get a better handle on the demand before we throw our hats into this ring.

Anonymous said...

Hot Spot catered to the grade 6-8 crowd. Mostly 6-7. So that's preteen. So is dinner and a movie, which shows outdated movies. The kids Evelyn wants to help like to hang out at Newmarket Youth Centre. I suggest anyone wanting to get a handle on what we need should go visit there. Both younger and older teens there, with activities for all ages.

Anonymous said...

Wow I am just reading this now and WOW you people(U 2 BUCK) need to get 1:Your information on what HOT SPOT was! 2: A grip! Hot Spot was a STAPLE for 18 on Friday nights in Aurora. Just like the TIGERS games in the 60'S,The A&W,Country Style,The 4 Shields,Greystones you get my drift. What all you all remember from you teen pre-teen age,Ask anyone between the age of 12-35 in Aurora,Oak Ridges
and some of Newmarket(BECAUSE no other town had something like this)about Hot Spot They will all share a memory with you, And regarding a CONFLICT OF INTEREST with Wendy this lady gave up many nights over 10 years working on HOT SPOT before ever running for council. She ran for council to make a change to help the youth of Aurora. Wendy is one of the most sincere caring people I know and trust me SHE IS A BETTER PERSON THAN MOST OF US! In closing EV check your FACTS before you trash someone its a good thing nobody reads this other than YOUR crew!