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Thursday 19 April 2012

Response To Ka-Non

KA-NON has left a new comment on your post "Clarification":

Hmmm. I guess there is a contract then, right? When you rent anything else in town, like the ice, or the pool lanes, I believe that there is a contract, which describes what it is the renting party is paying for.

What does the contract say in this case? Will it describe the USE of the park, or will it describe only the SETUP and CLEANUP of the park?

If, as you say, it only describes the latter, then I don't see how they can erect a fence.

Can you get your hands on the contract from last year, or the year before, and share with us what it includes? That must be public information, right?

BTW and FWIW, I am not necessarily offended that the festival performers make money. Many of the private swimming teachers that pay for and use our lanes are earning a living doing so. Same with many of the skating instructors I suspect. Also, it provides something that people are willing to pay for, and adds to the quality of life in the town.
It shouldn't matter whether we like or dislike some of the organizers/performers. The principle should be consistent.


I have had the contract e-mailed to me. I  have tried to transfer it to the blog. I have had no success.

So if anyone wants to see it, they can e-mail Al Downey, Director
of  Leisure and Parsk, now that they took away his responsibility for looking after facilities ,and he will send it to you.

It's a simple document. It spells out  fee for rental of the bandshell plus tax, no fee for use of the park. Back side of the  page outlines   responsibilities the  user is required to agree to.

Signatures and dates are affixed .

I'm not offended  that musicians who ply their trade be paid for their service.

Whether or not I like or dislike any person associated with the event,is neither here nor there.

The town invests in facilities for the benefit of residents .Residents provide the resource for the investment..

The town  do not provide facilities for commercial operator  to operate a business enterprise in our park and close its use off from the residents.


Claiming  not-for-profit status, in this instance,  means  no profit after everybody gets their cut.

Yesterday the Mayor told me about  "In From The Cold" organisation receiving a Trillium Grant for $250,000.

They are hoping to launch a catering operation which will provide
meals where needed as well as an opportunity for people who need help  to get  back their self-respect. That  to me is the real meaning of   "not-for-profit " enterprise.


Anonymous said...

So happy for Inn From the Cold and very deserving.

Anonymous said...

3 Days as advertised - no more. Fencing to meet LCBO standards - no more. I think it's called compromising -do it. No more chit-chat.