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Friday 20 February 2015

The Tip Tip Tipping Point

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21:20 Ever think this might be smoke and mirrors.They know about the registered dump site on the moraine, in our Town, but have stayed silent.They want to look like they care about the enviornment.

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 20 February 2015 at 11:28


I am not sure who "they" are. The dump referred to  is probably the one closed more than forty years ago.

It was probably opened eighty years ago.  Long  before  there was a Region  Planning Department, before geological studies were undertaken and the Oak Fidges Moraine identified. That happened in the seventies.

It  took the Province forty years to  pass the Oak Ridges  Moraine Act, a long and arduous process . Not made  easier at the end by the nincompoopery brigade who arrived at the end and  leaped nimbly on to the bandwagon.

They claimed  discovery of the moraine for themselves like they had just climbed Mount Everest
and planted a flag.

Ever since they have been claiming beautitude  status as opposed to all the other villains who keep silent about a dump closed for years and constantly monitored.

Toronto's garbage is being trucked to London.. A  daily cavalcade of  diesel  trucks trundle down the 401 spewing out black exhaust from tiny chimney's with  asshat lids above the drivers' heads contributing mightily  to the grey pall of pollution that hovers over the city  and creeps ever further north into York Region.

It can be seen resting like a blanket over  entire the metropolis.iT used to be just over the highways.Yet no-one complains

Regions of York and Durham have invested mega millions in an incinerator to burn garbage produced by the denizens of the north.

Now proposed are see through garbage bags to prevent undesirable waste from reaching the incinerator. IF it does, the private company contracted to operate,the public facility can refuse to accept it.

We don't know if that has happened.

It has not been reported.

All we know is that from reporting initial phenomenal success of garbage separation and the green bin program ,we are suddenly advised of the need to examine the contents of garbage bags.

It looks  to me like we have reached the tipping point.

The program requires  public co-operation

By my reading, that is not going to happen.

The natives are restless ,Bwana


Anonymous said...

They hit the wall when it comes to determining who one should appeal to if you get a " Tag on a Bag " some garbage collection day.
Are we going to have to request assistance from some committee of maladjustment or other ?

Christopher Watts said...

The wall with the clear bag program is that it allows for opaque bags, number of which is irrelevant. If someone gets a "tag on bag" one week, what's stopping them from bagging it up in an opaque bag then placing that inside a clear bag thereby fulfilling all of the bylaw requirements?

Anonymous said...

I think the guys who do our garbage collection do a good job. But I doubt if they are going to be able to become detectives. There simply is not sufficient time on a run to examine every item. Mistakes will be made and it is going to be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

It has been handled soooo badly. Instead of all this fanfare & fuss, we should have quietly brought in a bag limit & gradually introduced any needed measures. And all because the mayor & a couple of councillors rode around for a day with Markham collectors & decided we had to copy everything from them.

Anonymous said...

If there were anything wrong on the morraine, that STORM outfit would be all over it - terrific cash generator.

Anonymous said...

Whatever they don't pick up at the curb... I'll just bring to a town park with a tag of my own. "Oops, you missed this bag on my curb."

Anonymous said...

If they reject my bag, I will simply trot it across the road & they can get it when they do the other side of the street later.

Anonymous said...

John Gallo's recent failed mayoralty campaign was certainly "all out in the clear."

His written statements often contained errors, his advertising was misleading and many speeches were flubbed.

And he has just been rejected for a seat on the Committee of Adjustment.

Maybe it's time to say good by to municipal politics or form a new party with our Nigel.

Anonymous said...

Of course he wouldn't be selected for that committee or any committee for that matter, and he knew it too. Curious to know why he went through the whole excercise of applying.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd want him on my committee if I had one. His attendance at the ones to which he was assigned was spotty. Half the time he did not know anything about what they had sent to council.

Anonymous said...

He'll probably get on the board at the CC

Anonymous said...

"He'll probably get on the board at the CC"

With the Mayor and Deputy Mayor on that board? Think again.

Anonymous said...

16:57 and 18:27
I believe all the positions on the AC board are currently filled. Besides, Gallo appears to want a job in the town hall.

Anonymous said...

What a foolish man ! That was all done in closed session. If he had not twitted, there would be only rumours about his rejection.

Anonymous said...

Can I say it? Here goes..."Christopher."

His latest post re: Gallo is one of the rare occasions that I share his opinion.