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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Guest Query

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Once, Twice, Three Times a Changeling": 

This is a quote from the Agenda for the Council meeting that was held yesterday, March 10, 2015:

"2. A proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the  
Town or Local Board; Re: PR15-007 - Purchase of Lands at 100 
Vandorf Sideroad, Formerly Hallmarks Cards

That Closed Session Report No. PR15-007 be received; and

That the confidential recommendations of General Committee on  
March 3, 2015 regarding the Purchase of Lands at 100 Vandorf
Sideroad, Formerly Hallmark Cards, be approved."

If this closed session concluded that the town should purchase the above property, which includes up to 215,000 square feet on nearly 20 acres, in large part immediately to the north of an existing premium condominium complex containing 30 homes and also of Timberlane Athletic Club, would it be the intention of the town to construct multi-level condominiums? This would take the pressure off the ignorant proposal for Timberlane that suggests 68 condo units.

At one time the Hallmark property had been suggested as a local university, until clearer heads prevailed, but not until a joint Aurora-Newmarket plan for one was tossed by York University, as being too much in the country for its tastes.

Quite candidly I would like to know what has brought this property back for discussion and consideration by members of Council? At one time the asking price was close to $20 million but that might have come down as the building is virtually empty.

Can members around the table please explain to the tax-paying public just what the hell is going on, unless this was a matter to throw the subject out with the clear garbage bags? 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 11 March 2015 at 19:40


Anonymous said...

Funny...I thought someone bought that property for around 17 million around a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn, land purchases always closed session items? Standard practice or Hallmark is a special case.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the question should be sent to a sitting councillor.

Anonymous said...

It's the Hydro money burning holes in the Mayor's pocket because he feel he HAS to spend it. Maybe he is still on the medicinal pot idea even though most of the groups wanting to do it have problems qualifying.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 07:42

But since the matter was and is continuing to be discussed in Closed Session they would be unable to comment one way or another.

One of the administrative beauties of Closed Session is that members of Council are forbidden by law to say anything.

One of the uglies is that taxpayers get to foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

There is something sad about an outfit that purchases properties that cannot be sold on the real estate market, be it from the military or a commercial site. Not to mention possibly buying old houses that have been rejected by the open market.