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Tuesday 5 April 2016


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The Historical Society have their dance in King, I think. But they raise their funds mostly in town

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The comment above was accidentally rejected so, pardon the pun, it had to be resurrected. Not because it's inaccurate but because it's accurate although not in the normal sense. 

The  Aurora Historical Society's funds come mostly from the Town of Aurora. They  are not mostly raised from the community.

The Historical Society is  shadow of its past and it never did carry much bulk. For A handful of individuals it was a labour of love and enjoyed community support. 

There was a collection, a museum, a program and a curator provided from a town grant of $50,000 and many hours of volunteer labour.

The collection is now owned by the town, the curator is on the town payroll and museum space 
is  provided  and maintained by  the town. 

Yet the  Historical Society receives  an increased grant $70,000 for the executive to entertain themselves playing  high mucky-muck. 

They own Hillary House, literally a sinkhole, and like Cinderelicta, they dream of a fairy godmother
and every year  re-live their fantasy , dress up and hold a ball out of town. 

A Councillor believes  the Feds should transfer the millions needed to stop the rot of Hillary House. I doubt he understands how far gone the structure is. Transfer title of the property to the Feds would better suit the situation.


Anonymous said...

The new displays at the museum are terrific.

More donations are coming forward also.

Now give the building back free - loaders.

Anonymous said...

I would have gone over to drop off the keys to the Mp office long ago. It's an "asset" that we obviously can't afford to upkeep. If its such and important part of our national heritage...let them have it and maintain it.

Anonymous said...

"The Aurora Historical Society's funds come mostly from the Town of Aurora. They are not mostly raised from the community."

That is patently untrue.