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Wednesday 6 April 2016


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"The Aurora Historical Society's funds come mostly from the Town of Aurora. They are not mostly raised from the community."

That is patently untrue.

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 6 April 2016 at 11:16


If it's not,, tell us what is . If your group is  raising more than  the $70,000. a year the town grants, 
don't be shy....tell us about it. 

While you're at it,  tell us why you need grants from tax dollars.

You solicit voluntary donations then request Council to pick our pockets without  as -much -as -by-your -leave to contribute a second time to your organisation. 

It's double-dipping no matter how you look at it.

Nobody should know better how much is already provided from taxes to preserve town heritage. 

How long the task languished, the collection was neglected while your group sought and received funds from the town to take care of it and didn't. 

Why the  Society withdrew commitment to contribute the funds raised for renovations to Church Street School and a legal agreement to operate a program in the architect- designed Heritage Centre.

Special fire suppression equipment,honed air-conditioning,separate glassed-in protected for fragile materials, glass cabinets for collections and last but not least ,authenticity in the building itself to illustrate the integrity of a small,  proud ,vigorous,vintage  Canadian community; under-utilised and all too easily  surrendered by successors to the dedicated group responsible for the original vision. 

It's time for the Historical Society to change its name to reflect ownership and commitment to
Hillary House and protect it from the same betrayal. 


Anonymous said...

It's a one trick pony with Hillary House. Couldn't even keep a part-time staffer. They really cleaned up there with gov't grants for a bit but blew them on lawn=tennis and tweaking the trimmings instead of going after the heart of the building. The basics were ignored for the photo ops. It spoke volumes when their entry in the parade was a single guy in a car - no float or group appearance.

Anonymous said...

Hand the keys over to the MP. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Was the single guy in the car, in the car the tennis buff?
Also, the attendance was brutal at the tennis event as reported by the food vendor.
The service club lost their shirt on that one.
Funny, then it's reported to council, what a success it was.
Honesty in that representative may be lacking.
I have to ask if anyone knows if they are the same E - health individual.

Anonymous said...

We have been through this endless times. Council tells them that there will be no more money. Members of council get re-elected and give them more money. Then, Council tells them that there will be no more hand-outs. Around and around we go.........

Anonymous said...

I read that attendance was terrific but there was one man doing all the publicity - written, photos, the works. It was his deal and no one else was included. Mind you, the Timberlane folks liked the publicity which made it not so obvious that their place had folded because it was not meeting expenses. The directors wanted out of that after all their years of trying to keep the place alive.

Anonymous said...

5:33 Was that man on the Timberline Board???

Anonymous said...

"It was his deal and no one else was included."

Hmm, that reminds me of another local attention-seeker, always so busy with vanity projects, but needing the validation of others.

Anonymous said...

Is that person in a group asking for tax payers money 13:51?

Anonymous said...

Monopolizing well-paid town staff's time adds up to not the best use of taxpayers' money, 17:14.

Anonymous said...

5:33- yes he is.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Watts is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

You're getting warm, 07:56.

Anonymous said...

The troll has returned.

Anonymous said...

Talented people are annoying aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Not particularly, 06:18, but these people are: