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Saturday 16 April 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "STICKS AND STONES": 

He's not excluded. He's one of the directors at that cultural centre. 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 16 April 2016 at 18:05


That's interesting. The Culture Centre Board chooses  directors from applicants. The former Councillor was always a staunch supporter of pirating the museum out from under. 

Two members are  directors appointed from Council to attend private meetings. Councillors Humfreys and Thom are without requirement to report to Council . Despite upwards of a million dollars of public funds transferred to  program the facility annually. 

Under the Municipal Act, Councillors are prohibited from conducting  public business behind closed doors except for specific items. 

Membership in a corporate body , in their capacity as Municipal Councillors, is not an exception within the Act.

Situation tentacles reach back into  Statutary authority of the Municipal Clerk and responsibility of the Town  Solicitor / Directof  of Corporate Affairs. 

Note the news  this week, the Culture Precinct Plan has hit the skids. To a packed public meeting in Victoria Hall, the new CAO has announced  the plan will not go forward as is and  first step is to remove it from the Parks and Recreation program. 

Perchance, there will be a hint of how it got in there in the first place.

The  CAO's office might be interesting while he tries to makes sense of the muddle ...or not. 


I won't  be able to visit the Home Show. I need the scooter for travel. 

My children are busy with family affairs at the week-end. I don't make demands. The  go-go scooter is 
In the car trunk all the time but has to be taken out and put together for me to use it and taken apart and loaded up again when the tour is over. 



But You Knew That Already said...

"Despite upwards of a million dollars of public funds transferred to program the facility annually."

I think you'll find that it's more in the range of $375K.

Anonymous said...

What IS interesting is that you didn't know that. Maybe you're not as plugged-in as you thought you were?

Anonymous said...

How "it got there" is easy.
The Cultural Precinct was Tom and Michael.

Anonymous said...

Curious to know...Where did you get that $ figure?

Anonymous said...

21:39. 21:42, 22:24, 23:04
Were you imbibing last night ? Too many martinis ?

Anonymous said...

23:04, that was last year's total that I passed on. This year it is around $400K. All of the budget deliberations were covered by The Auroran.

Anonymous said...

The use and maintenance of that building must be considered as support that the taxpayers cover.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 9:50
Just ask them.
It did 100 percent come from Tom and Michael.

Anonymous said...


True, but the maintenance of the Town-owned building is the responsibility of the Town, regardless of its use.

The quote was: "Despite upwards of a million dollars of public funds transferred to program the facility annually." Which means that the sum of the grant was grossly inflated (2 ½ times) by the blog host.

Anonymous said...

@ 14:04
Sez the One-Trick Troll
The care & maintenance of that place might be more appreciated and generate more income is another group[s] were in residence.........sheesh. ..perfectly fit and cannot even shovel their own walks or cut the grass.

Anonymous said...

The maintenance of the building would have to be made regardless because it is Town owned. But how about rent and utilities?

Anonymous said...

The grant is for contacted services within a Town-owned building. The Town is paying for services held in a Town-provided venue.

It really shouldn't be that difficult to understand.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't even fund the inter-com themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why all the bitching?

We're supposed to be investing in infrastructure.

More, not less.

It's good for the economy.

Anonymous said...

We all saw what a great politician Ballard made after his experience on the board - not.
I think that during the last election some of those running might have been penalized because of the suspicion that they came from the Centre.