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Sunday 17 April 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THE PLOT UNRAVELS": 

The grant is for contacted services within a Town-owned building. The Town is paying for services held in a Town-provided venue.

It really shouldn't be that difficult to understand. 

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Mais non mon ami, il est tres difficile a comprendre. 

At the time of the purchase of services, the town already had a  Department of Recreation and Leisure Services. Many cultural programs were duplicated. 

Except for piano recitals, the Culture Centre Board had nothing new to offer. 

Many programs were provided  by the private sector including musical evenings by one of the churches. 

The first  board purchase was a grand piano costing thousands with funds provided by the town. 

Funds were raised to pay for it after the purchase became an issue. 

Except for staff and the piano, the building was empty. 

Details are hazy but I believe the sponsor of the first performance was a member of the board and is currently Chairperson. 

I  am smiling. As I write, I watch  the twisted intrigue ending this week's episode of "The Good Wife "


Anonymous said...

Yeah. the town contracts the services and receives absolutely no portion of revenues. There is even conflict between town programs that DO have money coming into the coffers.
It is all pitiful but the current members of council with the possible exception of one seem serene about that.

Anonymous said...

12:39- It is pitiful. I don't remember one candidate in the last election that even mention that centre, and the money that is being siphoned.