"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 2 July 2015

Oh Woe

I am at a disadvantage. 

Initially e-mail was delivered  by Rogers. Then service was interrupted. Communication with someone in New Brunswick indicated the problem was not  technical and not at our end. The problem was Rogers.

Service  was transferred  to Yahoo. It did not work the same way. Small differences are huge  to someone not born to technology. My first language is English. 

Periodically a request  comes through to rate Yahoo  with a query if I wish return  to Rogers. 

I never state a preference for Yahoo. Always indicate my wish to return to Rogers. 

It never happens. 

Then sign in was required  by Yahoo with user name and password.

I have never had a user name and password for Yahoo that I know of. 
I did not choose to use it. 
Itwas foisted upon me. 

Access required me to create an account. A mobile number had to be provided to complete the process. 

I do not have a cell phone therefore no mobile number.The process could not be completed. 

I discovered comments could be accessed  and moderated through the Blogspot. 

That worked for a while except all I accessed were comments to blogs and spam. No e-mails.

I wrote blogs and published  them with a blogger icon. 

Soon I was writing blogs and publishing comments without Yahoo  service. 

Then a grandchild brought back Yahoo. 


Suddenly, with no explanation,  Blogger needed sign-in. User name and password were discovered. 

Then Yahoo would not publish comments without sign -in to Blogpost. 

Now I can write and publish posts. 

I can read comments. 

I cannot moderate comments. 

For a while I could not cut and copy comments as lead- ins to posts. Then I learned how. 

Now I have comments waiting to be moderated. 

Please be patient and keep them coming. 

My  second cataract surgery is healing nicely. 

My Go Go scooter  has developed a hiccup. 
Lights come on ...it's fully charged ...But Go Go  won't go. 
Ah Woe is me.


Anonymous said...

But the sun is shining. .
What you have written will be more that enough to stimulate interest.

Anonymous said...

Wow you have this kind of problems with a $400 iPad. Imagine a Town with a $4000K software and it screws up.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might have to let someone really good with computers negotiate with the service providers.

Anonymous said...

Periodically Yayoo pops up on my screen to ask if they can provide my mail.
I just ignore it but know that I could hit it by mistake if I was tired or careless.

Anonymous said...

They are gearing up for another financial software, not cheap, hope they communicate this one right across the organization, big project assuming 2 years to implement... "Memorandum from Director of Corporate & Financial Services/Treasurer
Re: Financial Information Systems – Pending Replacement Request
Staff provided a brief overview of the systemic constraints with the current financial
system that were identified prior to 2015 and noted that they have been working to
optimize the existing systems in an attempt to bring internal resolutions to the issues.
Staff further stated that a detailed report outlining the need for a financial system
replacement would be presented to Council and would seek a mid-year budget
amendment to add consulting funding to the 2016 capital budget. The Committee
supported the request to replace the current financial information system and inquired
about the types of financial systems that the N6 municipalities possess.
Moved by Mayor Dawe
Seconded by Councillor Kim
THAT the memorandum regarding Financial Information Systems – Pending
Replacement Request be received for information.
CARRIED" pdf file: http://www.aurora.ca/TownHall/Documents/2015%20Advisory%20Committees/Finance%20Advisory%20Committee/2015-05-26-FAC-Agenda-bookmarks.pdf

Anonymous said...

They have completely gone nuts over spending . Now they want to go after Library Square which is going to requite demolishment from those who cannot even manage an additional to an existing building.

Anonymous said...

Judging by that report about the Library's need for space, I can see the old library building accommodating some of the overload.
If the Pine Tree Potters need to leave the basement of the Library, maybe they move to the old one.

Anonymous said...

Why not just knock all those buildings down and start anew ? The Potters might have to shop around for space for a few years but they have always managed to scrounge up accommodations. And we sure don't need any of those places for historical value including the corner one.

Anonymous said...


Systems usually work perfectly before they are put into the marketplace.

It's the people/operators who screw things up - ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

How about they hijack the whole building from the library, and give them 1/2 a million a year to provide us their services? Apparently it can be quite successful!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the giggle.......

Anonymous said...

Hmm, what's that saying about amusing small minds?...

Anonymous said...

12:09- What? You didn't find it amusing? Isn't that what exactly happened to the museum? Isn't that what the Town is forking out to that center? Isn't the center providing "services"? Haven't they called it "successful? So why can't another organization do the same? In fact the pottery group have been around for years, a lot longer than the SCC. They should have had first crack at hijacking that building.

Anonymous said...

No, 12:36, that isn't what happened.