"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 25 July 2015


Courtesy of 680 News.. Ontario headline. .. A prisoner escaped from jail by disguising himself as a prisoner.  Incredibly ...It worked. 

Chris Watts posted on the radio proposal with links to the staff report that provided ways and means 
to accomplish the objective and to the attached resolution giving the direction.,

The resolution was moved by Mayor Dawe,seconded by protege Councillor Thom. 

Nine whereas clauses set out every benefit under the sun of having a municipal radio station. 

It was adopted without a recorded vote, usually signifying unanimous support.  

$1000 already provided from the town's arts and culture fund and  $3,500.from the Mayor's Golf Tournament supports the understanding. 

Steps to follow,after equipped space is provided by the town,is application for a Trillium Grant and  donations and sponsorships sought  from the community. Like the Culture Cemtre.

Licence is stated to have been obtained from CRTC.

The hirsute gentleman- proponent from Bradford is referenced as President and CEO of the non-existent Radio Station. 

So....  the Report submitted to Council, jointly signed by Director of Parks and Recreation and Director of Buildings and Bylaws was exactly as required by Council.  

It outlined how the project could  be accommodated and the cost and source of funds.   

The Budget Bylaw has to be re-opened and amended to add a quarter of a million dollars to provide  equipped space needed to operate a radio station. 

So .....this much is known. 

The radio station was the Mayor's Big Idea. Clearly, by moving the motion, his intention was to claim credit.

All that was needed to move the project forward was equipped space dedication. 

A feasability report was requested, a  feasability report was provided. 

Then whammo ....the report was a mistake ...staff misunderstood ... It was not the Mayor's intent that public funds be used.... even though Aurora  grants,mostly from the Mayor, were all that had carried  the project thus far.  

Clearly the proponents were dependant on handouts thus far and were without resources to take it further. 

It seems it was the Mayor who did not understand the depth of commitment required.

No mistake here ...Just the usual air-head approach to  town business.


Anonymous said...

This radio station idea is absolutely ridiculous - once again council is passing motions on an idea that has no benefit or economic gain to the community. The worst part is that they have absolutely no idea how much this is going to cost going forward - there is no business plan, nor is there a 2, 5, 10 year strategy plan in place. Once again, council focusing on initiatives that make no sense - still nothing being done about Library Square or Downtown revitalization? No lets purchase more land and build another park, and lets have our own radio station - because I guess the Jewel 88.5 just up the street is not good enough - what an embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

uh, he had to have understood - there was a photo of him in the Auroran with the proponent and another guy taking the credit for the plan.

Anonymous said...

I really wish council would concentrate on the communication dept , we should have and don't.
Other towns seem to manage and they don't have our super newspaper

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:40

Isn't that exactly what Councillor Mrakas was asking for? No plan, no costs? I believe he voted against the motion.

Anonymous said...

It's to be another not-for-profit like the Centre. Cllr Myrkas voted against the seed money of $10,000 because he said he didn't want another experience like that. But he said it more politely.

Christopher Watts said...

I appreciate the comparison you're trying to make Evelyn, even more so in CTV News coverage of the same event:

According to Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Kunz’s exit is not considered an escape, but an "improper release": http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/prisoner-disguised-as-cellmate-mistakenly-released-from-ont-detention-centre-ministry-1.2484361

Just like Aurora Mayor Dawe claiming the $220,000+ ask on an agenda item not to be yet another unsustainable group without a business plan begging for $ but a "communication error".

Instead of owning up to involvement in the questionable iniative Dawe threw staff under the bus, provoing the entire concept of leadership continues to elude him.

For someone claiming to keep their hands out of Aurorans pockets he's certainly entertained and invited enough schemes to drain the hydro reserve and strain other budget accounts to provide sandboxes to cultural groups, because...hey, votes.

Where is an Aurora radio station outlined in the Cultural Master Plan? Where is the proof of community engagement and interest to date on this initative?

10:23 I understand there is a public "workshop" coming in September where feedback on the issue of Communications will be entertained, will we see you there?

And I Quote said...

Regarding the Cultural Centre, Cllr Mrakas said, "I love them and what they’re doing."

Anonymous said...

The museum will return.

Anonymous said...

The Museum and the Library are good. But the Cultural Centre, Hillary House, Petch House, the Armoury, the men's Soccer club, the Arboretum, and now the radio station, they are all sucking up our tax dollars and provide absolutely nothing. Is there no end in sight? We need a council to save taxpayers from the poor house. I only see a couple. The Mayor and his crew have got to get their hands out of our pockets

Anonymous said...

It already has, 18:57.

Oops, My Bad said...

That's quite a laundry list you've got there, 19:26. Provide "absolutely nothing," you say. Hmm, I'm glad we can have rational, reasoned, and mature discussion here, rather than the fevered ravings of cranks and cretins.

Anonymous said...

Every plan has been an embarrassment with this town for countless years. And now that this Culture BS has been thrown into the mix ,it's also nauseating. Increasing taxes for this Culture crap is just wrong. This town, province and country are in huge debt and this is what we're doing?

Anonymous said...

They actually don't manage either. Communication between government and it's citizens has always been smoke and mirrors, and we only have ourselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

No.....it has one room.

The community and governments and spinsors paid for the whole building.

Yes NOT No said...


So, it has returned, then.

Anonymous said...

The museum and archives has more than one room. Also, it never occupied "the whole building."