"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Monday 6 July 2015


P"The current out-going CAO, in contrast to his predecessor, made all things possible for she who hired him." This is the crux of your latest series of posts. Your perception of him and his former mayoral association colours your view. Your antipathy is personal; plain and simple, you're biased. You can't separate him from her. on KEEP THE FACTS STRAIGHT AND IN ORDER.


Another lofty comment this morning notes having  "moved on from the issue a long time ago because it's not healthy to dwell on it for so long."  It continued " For some it's just a reason to get up in the morning" 

This type of comment gives me pause. They illustrate a level of engagement. 

With anonymity, certainty of degree cannot be established. 

This week a couple of comments came through  about the Highlands Development.  

I did not post on the issue . It's too tedious. Over the years, the arguments have been repeated time  and time again.  I could recite them with eyes closed.

One or two residents claim expertise and fire up the crowd and everybody is off to the races.

Several meetings have been scheduled to be sure all will be heard. 

The same few will try to simulate the whole.  

The  dance is familiar. Developers will pirrouette and bow to politicians  and residents alike, knowing by the level of determination,unshakability and audience flush with financial resources,the matter will assuredly be decided by the O.M.B

The only uncertainty is how much the current flock  are prepared to shovel from town coffers into a futile endeavor. 

A blog is nothing without exchange. I often ponder the merits of  anonymity. 

Chris Watts requires I.D.   Anna does too.  Newspapers insist letter-writers identify themselves. 

I think maybe that's a good  thing.

An inordinate amount of piffle comes from unidentified sources. 

People squabble amongst themselves ....call each other names...they don't even know each other.

Sometimes It seems a waste to be posting background and details on town hall shenanigans 
for such a miniscule response. 

Last week, I outlined  how $15,000. was spent on a Schulich School of Business Management 
Certficate for the outgoing CAO.

Another item of $8,000 was listed with the same institution. Neither identified the recipient. 

The Town Treasurer's clumsy attempt to withhold information from Council by misrepresenting time and effort to produce the figures was noted. It was seen on T.V. Reported in the media. 

The Town's Mayor supported the Treasurer's initial efforts at concealment by voting against 
a Council motion to disclose. 

Funds  were not reimbursed by the  departing CAO.,and certainly were  used without benefit to the municipality. Reason being, there is no policy for return. 

What rot. 

By all known standards, the  municipal interest has been exploited  by the very people appointed and elected to  serve and protect.

Some might describe that in harsher terms. 

What is the reaction?

Ho Hum . 

No more than one might expect. 

My perception is biased.

It's not healthy to dwell upon unpleasantness. 

No integrity anywhere. 


We know ours is a small circle.

Smaller still , if the trolls would take the hint. 

But really,when facts are as plain as the nose on one's face , what more  does it take for scandal to be  recognized? 

Anna says I should keep writing the blog.

I am happy to do so as long as the story is mine to tell. 

I think of the new Councilors, at least two I believe intending to do what people expect of them.

No worthwhile guidance emanates from this Mayor or Deputy. 

Professional advice, as we have seen, is sporadic at best and at worst .

They need all the help they can get. 

Whether welcome or not....is a decision for them to make .

For my part, well...I can at least share my thoughts. 


Anonymous said...

I think maybe the new councillors will be better off than with advice from the mayor and vice. They have certainly noticed the problems about the departing CAO and the budget difficulties were not missed either. I am hoping to see some shifting of positions as we move into this term - the edifice could be crumbling.

Anonymous said...

It is summer and the weather has not led to much gossiping and passing of info in town. But Garbe's departure, and the haste of it, are going to have repercussions at the town hall. In fact, it might get really messy before it can get better. I see more staff leaving., some of them voluntarily but not all.

Anonymous said...

Our Nigel's letters to the editor are not anonymous, but they certainly are piffle.

Putting one's name to a published piece does not ensure that it is intelligent, relevant, or in the public interest.

I prefer no names bristling with cold, hard fact, that nails the perpetrator to the wall.

Anonymous said...

Keeping writing Evelyn! This blog has people not only reading and maybe engaging in a few comments, but there also many more talking. Love your blog and all that you do.

Anonymous said...

I think town funding for staff courses will be studied carefully to make sure we don't get shafted again. But who better to take advantage of the system that the one at the top ? The result will likely be
that even those deserving them ? might get rejected because of the behaviour of the one greedy gus.
We should try and get that money paid back,

Anonymous said...

Whoever was responsible in signing off on this course/courses should have to pay it back. It seems like we have a lot of slush fund money that the Town has been able to conveniently spend and some how conveniently justify.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the discussion around anonymous versus named postings.

Yes, Watts requires that you login using a variety of methods to post. However, if you look at that blog, check out how many comments are posted. Usually zero. Sure once in a while he will let one through but he has NEVER posted a contradictory post to his own - at least Evelyn does that. You will never see a debate on his blog, you will only see his rantings with cute doctored photos and a laundry list of links to other web sites to back up his position.

I have not gone to Anna's blog to comment. Maybe I will.

myonlyphoto said...

I agree once again :).

Anonymous said...

Won't the still-to-be-hired CAO have had his/her professional improvement courses paid for by a previous employer/municipality? For which we'll be receiving the benefit of that additional expertise, correct?

It's all swings and roundabouts.

Anonymous said...

All of us have coloured ideas of the departing CAO. I have always seen him in my mind crouched over a computer with several others reading blog comments to find something actionable while the town's business is neglected..

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you work on your manners a bit ? If you truly welcome the opportunity to offer an opposing opinion, it might be more palatable if you did not come down like load of crushed chicanes on your hostess. She deserves better from you.

Anonymous said...

"...and a laundry list of links to other web sites to back up his position."

Often, they are just links to previous blog posts of his.

Anonymous said...

Christopher has some new material for those not boycotting him in petulance.

Puzzled said...


Isn't 07:50 commenting on Watts' blog? I don't see any evidence of coming "down like load of crushed chicanes on your hostess."

Anonymous said...

Who cares I love Watts blog.

Anonymous said...

2 of the new councillors seem to be shaping up nicely, the other is wandering in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Love his Blog and Anna' too.

myonlyphoto said...

Those who blog set the tone for the blog and decide on the rules. That's how blogs work. My blog does not require ID, just an email address, and one must input verification code (some get discouraged because characters may be hard to read sometimes), and comments are moderated just because site can be easily spammed with automated spam comments. I had that once going, I was receiving over 1000 comments in one day. Never mind I got hacked with malware and kicked out from Google search engine temporarily. Unfortunate. It is such a pain.

Before blogs came out Discussion forums were very popular where users could start their own discussion threads. A moderator is required to keep things in order. I have this option on my blog, but not sure if it is worth setting up at this point.

Lastly, in the last couple of years I changed course of my blog from .ca to .com/ where I decided to share space and allow others to submit posts. I got this idea because I was approached many times to write. When I launched the enhanced blog, suddenly everyone disappeared and when I proposed writing they never came back. Only few did. I guess writing isn't that easy. I have same rule, I will write as long it is my own experience, my content. I don't write for others. Like Evelyn said, it has to be my story to tell :).

7:50 said...

12:31 - My manners? First of all, like Puzzeled said, I was not commenting on Evelyn's blog but Mr Watts'. Secondly, IF I was commenting on Evelyn's blog, who are you to talk to me about manners? Are you the manners police? Are you Evelyn's security? I think that Evelyn has proven herself quite able (and willing) to defend herself if needed. If she had a problem with my "manners" she would not have allowed it on the site in the first place.

Good on you though for your reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Yes E ... we love you .... don't change a thing .

Anonymous said...

The " no integrity anywhere " blew me away. Why would anyone post such a thing and what are readers supposed to do to help that attitude ?

Anonymous said...

I am just a by-stander here but your last sentence is untrue.
Evelyn allows material that does not merit her approval.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:09
What a load of umbrage !

Anonymous said...

Demand better by our politicians, and those that work for the Town.