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Wednesday 13 April 2016


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There must be a great story around the solicitor. Takes guts or insanity to just turf the whole thing. 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 13 April 2016 at 03:26


In the most recent story about the golf course, Susan Walmer emerged as organizer par excellence.  Households  abutting the golf-course are asked to contribute $600. to the fund for legal standing at 
the OMB Hearing.

A comment since indicates the fund-raising net is cast wider still .

Susan was a close associate of the former Mayor and heavily involved in the last OMB hearing that 
OPPOSED a proposed golf course out on Leslie Street. The process was hugely extended with several court challenges to an OMB decision that a joint environmental board hearing was not required. 

Ms Walmer not only associated with the Mayor, she had direct access to town external legal counsel. Staff reported cost of the proceedings in their entirety was $680.000. I never believed that total. 

But now the thing is, last heard ,Walmer was manager of an Oak Ridges Moraine Trust outfit. One of two empowered to accept land from land-owners, in return for its value in tax rebates.The land 
comes under control of the Trust which decides access the community may or may not have and under what conditions. 

A parcel known as the McLeod property came under Trust jurisdiction during the Mormac years.
It seems that's  how Walmer's job was created.  

After ten years ,the property was to be accessible to the community. In return, the town signed a maintenance agreement. It was one sweet deal for the Trust and a significant financial  drain to 
the town. Tax revenue was lost and a new burden of maintenance assumed.  Last heard was a demand for a fence to be built to "secure"  the area.

Now here's the evil thought that enters my head this morning.

The golf course is 100 acres.The development proposed is for fifty,leaving fifty green and giving away land to abutting homeowners who have encroached. Density would have to double to fully realize the asset. Roads would be minimized. 

Developers don't  give up anything. Profits must be maintained  for business to be viable.

The point I'm getting to is, who will own and control the fifty green acres that causes the other fifty to be densely developed with inadequate road designs. 

An early decision of this Council was for no new hires to keep taxes in check. 

Since then ,they kept acquiring properties ,including Mavrinac 6 acres. Not always with an acknowledged purpose in mind.

Private land converted to public comes out of the black side of the municipal ledger and goes into the red. It's a double whammy. 

Does Susan Walmer, Manager of the Oak Ridge Trust outfit, plan to gain from hiring a legal team with other people's money, to hold over the head of a developer at an OMB hearing ,to delay and perhaps spoil the chance of developing half of the former golf course. 

Who will instruct the lawyers ? How will they be instructed? To what end ?

It will not be clear. 

The town will spend money defending a non-decision. I don't know how one does that.

What role for the greenhorn Council and dispassionate Mayor to play in the drama?

Has Susan drawn them a picture? Written them a script? 

The developer might ask for costs. 

Residents will pay twice. In taxes and contribution to the legal fund. 

Will the Moraine Trust be standing at the door,collection plate extended waiting for a deed?

Where is the town's former legal counsel? Why did he leave us?

If the story is kosher,why have we not heard? 


Anonymous said...

Walmer likes to be the 'big cheese' in the mouse story.

She has never accomplished anything of substance for the public good; rather a drain on the public purse.

A top lawyer will charge upward of $800 per hour for office time, at least 50% more for time at hearings or court appearances. If six weeks are going to see the matter handled his/her cost alone will approach $300,000, and then you have expert witnesses on top.

Walmer's $200,000 will be but mouse droppings in this pie.

Anonymous said...

Susan Walmer is a nut job who married a rich dentist and does not have to work. She feels the need to involve herself in everything. I had a run in with her when she was on our kid's school council years ago. Had to tell her that her opinion was not representative of mine nor the majority. She was a NIMBY but her back yard has got bigger.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would notice her ascendance again. I think she has this Vision Thing of another High Tor in the middle of town. That place is fantastic but there is simply no access for the ordinary taxpayers of town. They even stopped a road that would have drained traffic from there down to Bathurst. The lady is a study of pulling strings. She is usually found around the back of an angry bunch of ratepayers who do not realize the long term results of whatever entitlements they are claiming.

Anonymous said...

Honest to Pete, you do not want her advising you on an OMB hearing. She was right there for all of the ones that came up when Phyllis Morris was mayor. I am fairly sure that the town lost a great deal of money chasing nonsense actions and refusing to settle.

Anonymous said...

I would like to "REBOOT" the mayor and members of council for their Cultural Precinct Plan, apparently much favoured by the new CAO.

Reboot their asses right our of the town hall.

This is the stupidest, most ignorant concept to come along in the past 10 years, even dumber than the Hillary House Amusement Park.

We are sure going to revitalize the central core. The central core is moribund, People shop along Bayview and Wellington/Leslie.

Do you know how many "for rent" signs there are on Yonge Street south of Wellington? Merchants want to be where the action is, where people have lots of parking and places to spend their money.

It is beyond belief that nine people sitting around a table could be so DUMB!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish you wouldn't feel obliged to mention that woman's name, her former cronies and the several failed episodes in the life of Our Town, all at great expense.

We are supposed to be getting calmed down preparatory for bedtime, not riled and roiled.

You should start a second blog, one with all this town crap and another about more pleasant things. Our ducks are back, and they are OURS.

Good night.

Anonymous said...


The term that is "much favoured by the new CAO" is 'reset.'

Anonymous said...

Same with the centre of Bradford. It is what it is. No amount of window dressing will help. Work to make the corner of Yonge and Wellington negotiable during rush hours and move onto the old library lands with bulldozers.

Anonymous said...

"Reboot their asses right our (sic) of the town hall."

Could that be because your were an unsuccessful council candidate in the last election?

Anonymous said...


If ever I had ANY inclination to seek public office I would hope that my spouse and children would arrange to have me locked up in a padded cell until such inclination was certifiably and irrevocably in the past.

You are totally wrong, but thanks for catching the typo. It was late.

Anonymous said...

People like to read your posts because you are not "always politically correct", you stay focused on the town's best interest and are up to the challenge if someone tries to pull the wool over your eyes.

We get so sick and tired of that politically correct drivel that comes from all levels of government.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like " We're Shovel Ready "

Anonymous said...

There are six "leasing opportunities" in the Aurora Shopping Centre at the moment.

Possibly not "core" enough.

Anonymous said...

Hallmark is still empty and there are many other empty storefronts. No one is even interested although a house for sale gets a bidding war.

Anonymous said...

Canadian tire is moving off yonge st as well.

Anonymous said...

While the Armoury sits empty still. Cllr Abel did say he wanted to " bank " land. Now that he has it, he hasn't a clue what to do with it to generate revenue.

Anonymous said...

23:06- Maybe they can use it for their "Music Strategy" Looks big enough for Jam sessions. But of course it would have to be modified for a music studio.

Anonymous said...

Car. Abel is generally clueless.

Anonymous said...

He's still the dept.Mayor accord to the #s. Great name for politics.