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Thursday, 4 December 2014


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No, I don't, 19:50. He made an out-of-court payment in 2005 stemming from one case - would an innocent man do that?

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Who can  know the answer to the question posed . 

But I'll tell you what. .... I am appalled by how quickly and easily a person's life and reputation can be destroyed by nothing more than allegations. I guess that should not  come as a surprise.

A couple of years ago David Letterman handled a somewhat similar situation and saved his career.

He acknowledged an affair with an employee and took his chances with audience reaction and ratings.

Admittedly it wasn't the same.

We never heard if ratings went down.  He survived. There was no call for a boycott.

First I knew of Cosby's troubles  was withdrawal of  an invitation to appear on Letterman's show.

That must have been hard for Letterman.. He never referred to the issue. There's not much Letterman won't take a stab at.

What about Michael Jackson and everything we heard and read about his conduct. Children were involved. Yet his career continued unscathed until he killed himself with drug abuse.

Then his doctor went  on trial for harm caused to Michael Jackson's health


Anonymous said...

Letterman had an ongoing affair - Cosby is being accused of rape - MUCH different.

Anonymous said...

Your commentor who knows nothing about out of court settlements or our justice system is typical of most citizens in this country. All I can say is I wish them best of luck if they are ever accused of a crime that they did not commit.

Anonymous said...

An innocent man or woman may settle out of court for a # of reasons. Unless there is an admission of guilt, it means nothing. Sometimes people are urged to settle by their lawyers when it appears to be a " nuisance " case, a fairly common event in the States with high-profile individuals.
We have had settlement of lawsuits right here in Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Settlements are also made so that long, painful and costly trials do not burden family members. These types of accusations can and have destroyed families. The only "winners" are the lawyers and media.

Anonymous said...

Most settlements come with agreements to NEVER discuss the details.
A writer reached a settlement with one of the big TO papers. A few years later, she wrote what was regarded as " too much " about the specifics. I think she lost the entire amount.

Anonymous said...

"accused " No proof. The accusers in Salem believed their stories too......

Anonymous said...

Everything is supposed to be alleged until proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Today's celebrities, as a result of the disease known as "social media," are not only vilified instantly, but they post their own nudie photos, taken by themselves often, to promote their careers.

I don't know how to judge a bare breast or a flaccid penis in terms of the person's acting or singing ability.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cosby's lawyer has asked that the claim made about the so-called assault at the Playboy place be thrown out. It seem the woman tried to get 1/4 of a million dollars from Cosby quite some time ago and was refused.
Hopefully, once this is before the courts, people will settle down. I do not enjoy watching or listening to the dumbing down of our neighbour to the south.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what a 15 year old was doing in a Playboy Bunny bedroom whatever that might be.

Anonymous said...

There's no need to wonder what she was forced to do, 11:37.