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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What you see is what you get.

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I’ve never been a fan of Fantino, but I think being an MP or MPP is a different type of politician. I believe that those levels of politicians act for the most part, like good little soldiers. “Toeing the party line” is mandatory. I don’t think we’ll ever know when a politician is acting sincerely for the good of the people or when they are acting like good little soldiers

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There are  government departments  at both senior levels not expected to make great demands on a Minister. The Department of Veterans Affairs is one. 

Considering however that Canadian soldiers fought and died in a campaign in Italy in the second  war, choice of  an Italian as Minister of  Veteran's Affairs is a reflection  against the leader  Prime Minister  Stephen Harper.

 His decision showed an appalling lack of sensitivity to Canadian Veterans.

The particular Italian-Canadian chosen being

Julian Fantino  simply rubbed salt in the wounds.


It does not surprise me  the Legion  no longer abides by time-worn principles.

I would no longer seek advice on protocol either except from particular members. I'm not sure how many are left.

It brings up another iss

Canadian Legions were the single benefit provide toveterans after the First World War. It was a place they could be with people who shared their terrible memories.  Also communicate with government about the need  and availability of services

They had to build their own facilities.  But they paid no municipal or education taxes .
They had a bar they could afford . They were in charge of  Annual Remembrance Day Services.Royal Canadian Legions became respected institutions  and resources in their communities

A number of years ago ,the higher level of government turned over to Regional government responsibility to decide if Legion facilities should continue to have taxes paid for them by the local municipality.

There was no public debate that I recall. The Region decided  On the status quo.

We have  two buildings on  Legion property in Aurora. Both enjoy police and fire protection ,snow plowing, street lighting and all other amenities the town provides.

The town forfeits municipal share of the tax burden and pays Regional and Education taxes on the Legion's behalf.

Legion  membership must by now be almost 100% associate ? Little connection with the veterans

who earned the privilege of having all taxes paid by a grateful and respectful,community.

The facility  competes with local  hospitality business. Paying no taxes provides  an unfair advantage and an unfair burden to local business.

I think the situation could stand a little public discussion.,


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Is Wikipedia the benchmark of research that you use? Do you not have something with credability?
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This is not  Christopher Watts Blog. It am not preparing a lesson every time I write. 

I write based on re-call, impressions, opinion and things I know for a fact.

I re-call headlines about Julian Fantino.

 I formed an impression from an interview and  his comment to  the Italian press after. 

I watched him on a witness stand during a trial in Newmark

I formed an opinion. 

I went  to Wikipedia to confirm  headlines and discovered others. OMG

If you know more  you are welcome  to contribute.


Anonymous said...

My neighbours " belong " to the Legion. As do a number of my friends. It is a social thing having nothing to do with the military. Dear Nigel is always on about getting more to join.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the membership of the Legion. I would agree that most members of the bulk of Legion branches are associate members. A full member however is granted to anyone that has served in unifrom (armed forces, police, fire, etc.). There is still potential to a number of them.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Dear Nigel ever served in uniform.

He is an associate member that likes the social atmosphere of the Legion hall.

Anonymous said...

Quite a long time ago I was at a Legion dance in the Maritimes with someone who was attending university & with the services. It was terrific the way the different age groups blended in - there were ladies my mom's age who were at our table and it was so different from the events from my own age group.

Anonymous said...

Aw, leave Dear Nigel alone. He was doomed when the first person referred to him that way when he was running for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Wikipedia especially when it backs up information obtained elsewhere. If there is an error , an individual can actually write a correction. Better than Coles Notes.

Anonymous said...


Better than Coles Notes? At least Cole Notes are validated for accuracy.

The problem with Wikipedia is exactly what you said "an individual can actually write a correction". But an individual can also write fiction and no one will know.

It is an easy place to get research, but I cringe every time someone considers it fact.

Anonymous said...

I like that it is difficult to remove unflattering material. At least, so far, in Canada.