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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Don't jump the gun

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Budgeting is Annual":

From what the various re-elected councillors have been saying, all the remains to set the budget are a few little bits and pieces. The dead-line to fill out that ridiculous questionnaire [ it could not be answered with " yes " or "no " ] put out by the town has passed. I do not believe the new councillors will be allowed to make a difference.
Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 27 December 2014 at 09:43


You are probably right. 

We heard much about how positive everything is going to be . It's hard to see where any new Councillor might be inclined , let alone likely to make a difference.

And they do have that mandate. 

But maybe we should not jump the gun just yet. 


Anonymous said...

It will likely take a year or so for people to sort out their priorities. The Centre is definitely going to be on the back burner with all those new interest groups forming & demanding attention and money.

Anonymous said...

I think this term there will be some soul-searching about the Centre - it is a costly venture that has services which could be provided more economically either in the building or elsewhere.
The Museum, on the other hand, is not going to go away.

Anonymous said...

Just had a look to see the Acc. Holiday hours. Closed! You would think that this would be a time that they would be opened. But then again why should they have to think about some seasonal revenue or providing services to the town during this time? BS.

Anonymous said...

Your comment actually made me laugh. Remember when the town was trying to set up meetings with the board & it was always impossible to arrange because none of the board people were available ?

I have an off-topic question for you since you are around the town centre a lot. I saw that a new restaurant was going to replace the Edward Street Market. Must have blinked because now it is a place for help with addiction services.
What happened with the restaurant so fast?

Anonymous said...


The only things open at this time of year are BOXING DAY SALES.

Well into January.

Anonymous said...

Are you off over the holidays, 15:13?

Anonymous said...

And the post offices & the banks & the bars & restaurants & offices where work is actually done. The person who made that comment had a point - there are opportunities for those who chose to pursue them. Or have no options

Anonymous said...

19:47- community centers, library, and town office all opened!

Anonymous said...

Well isn't that interesting? The Town pays for services.... and they're closed, while all other town services opened! Hahaha

Now, That's Funny! said...

Oh, were you planning on going or something, 21:33?

Anonymous said...

16:49-not a chance. I have enough of my money supporting that center without reaching into my wallet for more.

Anonymous said...

Your entire attitude is out of whack. Instead of showing a bit of grace and gratitude for the largess of the town, you act like Yertle the Turtle lording it over his little pond.
And you know whay happened to him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 09:30, but I'm not the outlier. The ones who are "out of whack" are the critics and cranks on this blog who continue to carp about something that has been scrutinized and subsequently remedied.

It is almost three years since a couple of rookie councillors were manipulated into bringing something to a head. Consequently, a new agreement was negotiated. A town gem which was almost lost has only got better.

If you want to perpetuate the baseless 'us versus them' narrative, that's your loss and, frankly, evidence of gullibility. To me, the Cultural Centre is another community centre, much like the library; being enjoyed by Aurorans of all ages (with activities and events catering for kids to seniors).

Anonymous said...

18:37- This "town gem" was suppose to be the museum, not a just another community center.