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Monday, 29 December 2014

Little Jack Horner Sat in a Corner

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Taxation for hand-outs is not O.K.":

Speaking of which, earlier this month the Cultural Centre held a Public Meeting ("The public is warmly invited to join us as we provide information on events and activities, and answer anyquestions you might have. Please join us. Everyone is welcome." - so much for a secret society.

How many of you supposedly outraged, anonymous keyboard warriors (including your ringleader) bothered to attend? How many of your allegedly 'ill-served' fellow Aurorans came demanding answers? How many disgruntled residents showed up expressing dissatisfaction with the facility and its function?

Answer: not a one. Nada. Zilch. Zero. No one showed up.

The only place "the place" is an issue is here. The trying to settle old scores is (still) here. The attempt to remanufacture controversy is here. The endeavour to re-animate a lost cause is here.

None was evident at the event created to address any potential disagreements - not one person deemed it necessary to attend the Public Meeting.

There wasn't a single pitchfork or torch in sight...

(If this comment isn't published, it won't be because it isn't germane to the conversation.)

Anonymous at Dec.29th 2014  18.08 p.m.


Ah yes the comment is indeed germaine for the information it provides. ...a  Spokesperson is ready to  do battle albeit anonymously .

A public meeting was planned with a warm welcome extended  to all who wished to attend and discover what a cornucopia of culture awaits in a town-owned and financed facility.

But nobody came. No interest whatsoever. Nix, nil,nada ...Not a smidgeon.

Wasted resources. A program prepared. Man hours expended. No doubt refreshments available .

All for nought

It must  have been disappointing to discover Aurora's  Centre of Culture is not the epicentre
it was thought to be.

The fact is Aurora Council has complete authority to determine use of town resources.

A clause permits termination of the agreement without cause.

Another establishes Council authority to determine a level of tax resources for purchase of culture .

Either clause could be used to bring the arrangement to an end . In any calendar year.

The agreement was adopted  by the last Council. Despite continued insistence on secret meetings by
the Board.

Failure to exercise  authority in the taxpayers' interest is not an issue between the Board and Aurora taxpayers.

Nothing the Board has to say is of consequence.

The Board was not elected to manage town affairs.

Political accountability is the issue.

No municipal Council has ever been elected with a mandate to drive people from their homes with a tax burden weighted  down with cost for Corporate Culture Welfare.

This fight is not with the Board.

The  Board member should just cool out and like;

Little Jack Horner
Sit in your corner
Eating your Christmas pie
Put in your thumb and pull out a plum and
Say  "What  a good boy am I"


Anonymous said...

So silly - why would residents attend a " Show & Tell " Public Meeting ? It is council that foots those bills with town resources. That board answers to none of us.

You obviously struck a vein, Evelyn. Nice day at the office.

Anonymous said...

I checked around - no one saw or received that invite. We get the rest of their material. In December it probably would have been impossible anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the priorities of Aurorans.

When invited by the town to an open house, barbecue and preview of the new Joint Ops Centre what seemed like a disappointing nine persons showed up, and none had any questions or comments.

Apparently the invitation to the public to attend an ACC board meeting resulted in no one showing up.

What does this say?

Are we more interested in snowplows than in culture?

Perhaps another survey is in order.

Anonymous said...

That comment speaks volumes about Aurora's need or interest in the place. Not even the converted knew about the event or bothered to attend.

Anonymous said...

Attendance at the events and programming is the measure of the valuable contribution being made to our community.

You can't try to twist that.

Anonymous said...

21:42, it means that a microscopic minority just like to bitch in the comfort of their homes.

Anonymous said...

Where else can an entire community obtain so much thoughtful opinion, so much utter nonsensical commentary, so much intelligent thought and so much downright hilarious laughter?

And it is free!!!

This blog has and does it all and we are under the spell of its canny moderator.

Anonymous said...


Why would "the converted" go? They already know what goes on.

Anonymous said...

So many cultural programs in the SCC (love this new name, thanks David!) are offered throughout Town programs its ridiculous. I've signed up for many of them over the years for my kids, my parents and myself for many years and continue to do so. They've all been great. I also discovered an art gallery right on temperance st. called the Patrick House Art Studio and Gallery. Run privately, without gov't handouts!

Anonymous said...

Attendance at the events of often cited. I would hope that does not include the Farmers' Market Saturday mornings when there is no other choice. And I have noticed the number of occasions when " tickets remaining " appears in their advertising materials

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, 22:02, she doesn't publish *all* the intelligent thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't it, 09:28? It's an event held there (for now) in the winter months.

And you always have a choice - go or don't.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they would include the farms market, when it's held inside the building.

Anonymous said...

That comment was confusing. Does it mean that there were no attendees at all ? No town staff ? No politicians of any ilk ?
Sounds more like no one was even aware of the event. We get better turn-out for a fight about a trio to trees.

Anonymous said...

I attend the Market but do not believe that my presence should be credited to the figures of the Centre.

Petty Much? said...

@09:28 & 11:20

Why not? Because you like the farmers' market but dislike the cultural centre?

Maybe if you hold your breath and stamp your feet you can change reality. How old are you people?!

Anonymous said...

Don't be obtuse. They are 2 totally different organizations. One should not be able to base its funding on the attendance numbers of the other.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know if the farmers market leases space to the town or to the Acc.

Anonymous said...

12:44, do you know how many different community groups and organizations use the facility? You can't cherry-pick and include/exclude the numbers based on your prejudices.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who uses it, as long as they're paying to use it. Although I do have a big problem with those who instruct and perform these programs. They should be Aurorns, considering Aurora taxpayers foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

If you are a specific organization, any claims for financing based on attendance should be related to those who make the effort and maybe pay the entrance fee for YOUR programs.

Anonymous said...

The Farmers Market space at the ACC started a little rough.It seems the space was booked by an.executive member and then tables rented by that member.It was put to a stop.