"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Off limits

I am trying to wean myself from Aurora council business.

Accordimg to observations ,the new Council  has been elected  in expectation of  positive  performance. As opposed to negativity of the  past Council.

Despite being defeated,  my thinking on any of the issues I opposed in the past term has not changed.

But authority to participate in decisions to be made is no longer mine.

Opposition will have to be expressed directly to Council members or I suggest a letter to the editor.

Open and transparent.

As a conduit this blog can not be effective.

I will take a position from time to time. Probably when it looks like an idea has traction.


Anonymous said...

Please give us a break and don't mention the name of any councillor.

It is most inappropriate for the season.

Hold off until the new year and then blast away.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Positive, negative feedback, opposition or supporters. Does it really make a difference? I find when certain Cllr's create a motion, depending on who they are,the decision to pass or fail has already been made before the motion is put forward. Is this a negative statement?... Maybe. But it's true. We have 3 newbie councilors. I give them 6months and I bet for those who follow GC and council meetings we'll all know how they will take care of our money.

Anonymous said...

We are all trying to wean ourselves from Council since you are no longer there. This week we- just us, not the greater we - did not even bother to follow the streaming as usual. Figured we could catch up at our convenience when and if they ever get it to the web-site. Well see how long it take for that to happen and will certainly notify the town hall if it takes tooooo long.

Anonymous said...

The roads are a mess. If you can avoid them this morning, it might be better by this afternoon. Those who didn't string a few lights might have missed the last chance.

Anonymous said...

You can be pleased that the new " positive " attitude follows the defeat of a few costly hare-brained schemes emerging from committees. There is likely going to be no more movement towards a Heritage Park or designation of one special district. Instead there will be new ones which hopefully will get hammered into some fiscal shape before they get passed.

Anonymous said...

11:43- Guess you haven't read the Auroran this week.

Anonymous said...

"As a conduit this blog can not be effective."

While you were a sitting councillor, this blog was not an effective conduit either. You operated in a vacuum and were shunned by most of the other councillors.

You burned more bridges than you built.

Only your minions had any faith in what this blog could do. They were misguided.

Anonymous said...

If you mean what I think, that is not going to be a heritage park. I realize it is just semantics but still not the same boon-doggle. Otherwise, nope, haven't read it yet.

Anonymous said...

If the blog accomplished nothing why are you still frothing at the mere mention of losing a few council initiatives ?

Anonymous said...

14:55- And what do you know about what this blog was intended for? And as far as being "shunned" Evelyn will never be shunned by those who matter in her life. Including us "minions". When you can provide someone's name in this Town that has Evelyn's political years and experience, then you can shoot your mouth off all day long. Until then.... find a bridge that you can crawl into with all your minions.

Broderick said...

Its now 7:00PM and the roads for the most part have still not been plowed.
I guess core services take a back seat to Heritage Parks or special Heritage designations in the Town of Aurora. When will we learn!

Anonymous said...

19:07- It's because we didn't buy the snow melted. If we had all would be good! :)

Anonymous said...

& tonight is our garbage night !!

Anonymous said...

At the town hall web site they do not mention the roads. But, due to emergency procedures from a serious leak, aquatic activities have been cancelled.

Anonymous said...

What's with your web-site ? It is not requiring me to prove I exist.

Anonymous said...

There is some sort of thingee at the town that is supposed to help you check snow plow locations. It just was having " technical difficulties " the night of the storm.