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Monday, 8 December 2014

The story has gaps

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This cannot be blamed on the Liberals. Aurorans asked about receiving help from the province and were assured by both staff & the Mayor that the paperwork had been done. I really do not like the over-use of " accountability " but we should have a modicum of it on such things. Otherwise how can there be trust on matters about which we know little

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 7 December 2014 13:49


Information  about failure of all Ontario municipalities to make application for available assistance became known to me on Friday.

To be fair ,there has been no time  for the town to respond to the Minister.

I continue to receive bulletins from the Ontario Municipal Association . I 've seen  nothing

On the other hand, if the government  retained a public relations firm to "mitigate" damage
from various scandals involving billions of dollars of wanton waste during harsh economic times , I would fully expect the timing of the Minister's statement to be calculated.

Perhaps I expect too much.

The level  of detail required  in the application is not known . Nor  how it was conveyed  to the municipality.

I would have expected a Minister to discover why only one application was made. Even then I would not expect communication with municipalities through the media.

No sensible Minister of Munjcipal Affairs deliberately alienates his area of influence.

Then it's not service. It's strictly politics.

Or it's just plain stupid.

Unhappily  I am afraid it is more often the latter.


Anonymous said...

Uh, E, I just checked with the town web-site asking about provincial financial aid for ice storm. They have zilch.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are certainly busy with announcements. Not too good on actually getting things done.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone has an idea of how much money is on the line here. The Liberals cannot afford to be seen as being sloppy with cash so they might want to avoid the entire matter.
But, yeah, the Minister is acting like Fantino and alienating everyone.

Anonymous said...

20:25- You were expecting to find something on the Town's website? Now that's funny

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about a lot of money or is it more the question of how so many municipalities did not request the aid ?