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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Charlatans Abound

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Halls of Fame are not the gold standard that I would trust. Especially considering that the SWHoF is now a SOCAN property. SOCAN is one of the most crooked organizations at fleecing small businesses for money without legislation to back up their claims.

But, feel free to use whatever you think backs up your case. 

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The above is posted  because I am so happy to find the sentiment expressed in the first sentence.

I thought I might be the only person in the world skeptical about every little town in the Province 
having sufficient  " Champions" to fill the walls of a Hall of Fame.

At some point o,the idea of champion become nothing more than the stamina it takes for ordinary people to live their lives.

I think it's more about easy money from the Trillium Foundation, phoney -baloney memberships,
tapping local business in the never-ending demand  for hand-outs and competing with the advertising business again on an uneven footing ,for  the available advertising market.

And not accounting to anybody for disbursement of funds collected.

In the last federal election the Harper Party pin-pointeded the not-for-profit industry for scrutiny. attention.

Before our very eyes, millions are  siphoned out of the community to disappear into the pockets of  charlatans operating in the murky twilight zone,

It was the only commitment the Harper party made that impressed me. I don't  think the commitment to build more prisons was connected..

I see no only proliferation of  questionable projects.

Politicians allow themselves and the municipality to be used  as pawns in the process and the band plays one.


Anonymous said...

Someone was irritated a day or so ago because a person admitted not knowing an entertainer. I thought at the time it was petty because the intent was clearly to remedy that lack of information.
On this post I am going to have to admit that I have to do some work on SOCAN properties.
The local Hall of Fame I do know about and find it entertaining as long as others pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Those outfits are all over the place, I think
There was a book I read by a real hockey buff who wanted to track down a player who had disappeared without much recognition. He travelled for a very long time seeing good halls of hockey fame and terrible ones. It seemed to depend upon how many local players were represented.
And it had an excellent ending.
The Aurora version of a hall of fame has gone overboard mixing credible selections who have real local roots with those who have just brushed the town in passing.
The dog burial ground would have been a more unique draw IMO

Anonymous said...

What does a dog burial ground have to do with this?