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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Spot the Strategy

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"Canada's crisis-in-waiting" and it isn't trash

In a major editorial in today's Globe and Mail

"Since we are all going to get old and die one day, we have a stake in how well Canada's health-care system looks after senior citizens. The problem is not many of us are confident that it's going well.The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) released a poll in August in which Canadians expressed a sincere set of worries about their medical prospects in old age.Four out of five said they aren't confident they'll be able to access the health service they will need. Three-quarters are worried they won't have the money to pay for services that aren't covered by medicare after that retire. And 61 per cent doubt the country's hospitals and long-term care facilities will be able to meet the demands of Canada's relentlessly aging population."

The above represents one eighth of the editorial.

Every Canadian above a certain age should make this compulsory reading.

The garage issue is certainly a challenging one but it can be solved in a trice and at a fraction of the cost of the failure that seems to be an inherent part of our nation's health care system.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 17 January 2015 at 20:47

Note  reference to a poll released by the Medical Association in August in which Canadians "expressed a sincere set of worries" about their medical care in old age.

I do not believe it for a minute. Our affluent majority in Aurora ,at least those  with  public service pensions and benefits that just keep getting better,don't have a care in the world about health care.

As for the politicians , I think there may be an entire colony retired in Mexico.

As it happens  a Medical Association  is negotiating  with the Ontario Minister of Health, Honorable Eric Hoskins  M.D. on the question of remuneration, according to the Minister.

Association spokesperson tells  a different story,  He says it's about level of  care available as the population grows.

There was a time when thy out and out suggested  doctors would go elsewhere if they didn't get what they wanted.

The Minister was a candidate for Liberal leadership, last time around. He is taking a firm stand on the issue. One might say showing leadership.

We owe it to our representative to look twice at  information coming at us  and consider which interest it represents.

Revenue  source for hospital facilities comes from the  LCBO . The Province  says  how much it wants and that's what they get.

Non-union LCBO employees, management, have not had an increase in compensation for seven

It will be interesting to see how long Health Minister Hoskins keeps that job.

The Medical Association is a powerful lobby.

They can create fear .......without the help of  Globe and Mail editorials.

Why would they conduct a poll if it didn 't  serve their interest?


Last week  on Watts Trending , we learned  the late and former Prime Minister  Pierre Elliott  Trudeau once identified himself  as a "John A MacDonald  Conservative"

Did anybody notice Justin Trudeau sporting a  young John A MacDonald hairdo in his last T V  appearance.He was talking about  recruiting soon -to-be-former Toronto Police Chief  Bill Blair as Liberal candidate in the next election.

' Tis said Conservatives might be in hot pursuit as well.

Blair has  at least one thing in common with Former Police Chief and now former Cabinet  Minister Julian  Fantino; neither had contracts renewed in the Toronto Police

It might be fun to develop a game of Spot The Strategy on the Blog .

From lack of choice, we might rarely be able  to influence outcomes in elections but at  least we would have the satisfaction of outing the silly bastards.


Anonymous said...

There are too many conflicts of interest in our complicated society.

Do we believe anyone or anything?

Truth and trust are two words lacking from our vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

The problem for Canadians is that there are no real differences between what is being offered or by whom. I would not touch Mr Blair with a barge pole and the same holds true with Mr Fantino

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If the gov't cannot deal swiftly with a tiny pod of thalidomide victims, they are useless in the larger scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

I predict Fantino as mayor of Vaughn in 2018