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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Not So Amazing

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It is amazing that the Council is letting large important matters like that cost up-grade on the Leisure centre go without a whimper while touting left-hand turn restrictions on Yonge which will be decided by the Region.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 29 January 2015 at 10:59


That the Region will make the decision about left-hand turns at the Wellington-Yonge intersection
is not at all amazing .

Wellingtom Street and Yonge Street are Regional roads. Movement of traffic on both roads is a Regional responsibility.

The Region has traffic engineers on the payroll. As does Auurora.

Unlike planning, engineering is a science. One must assume logic therefore in determining where  and where not to permit a left-hand turn off and on to a road.

However, inconsistency in Regional policy has been noted.

The developer of the retail strip at the north-west corner of Bayview wanted a left-hand turn within feet of  the Bayview-Wellington signalized intersection .

The Region gave permission.

On that occasion, the developer attended and informed Aurora Council the Region  would allow it. They had had a meeting with the Regional Engineering Commissioner.

I had  heard  Regional staff bend over backwards to accommodate Regional Councillors.

I don't imagine anything has changed with a new Chairman.

Why would it?


Christopher Watts said...

"engineering is a science"

Unlike planning, sure, but not unlike say conducting Indoor Air Quality tests or laboratory mould analysis like these guys do: http://www.mouldchek.com/

I find it flabergasting that the Town of Aurora doesn't flinch in building a shiny new J.O.C. but undertaking complete building condition assessments of existing facilities just doesn't happen? And we're not talking about facilties nearing the end of their lifespan either. Heck, it's not even exploring building condition assessments of properties it has recently purchased (The Armoury), or in the case of the Heritage Disneyland concept, ones it would have to lay out $Millions to acquire.

How does the town expect to be sustainable if it continues to turn a blind eye to site conditions that are unseen when the science to be proactive is readily available?

I'm Flabergasted (sic) said...

"Heck" from the WTF Guy?!

Anonymous said...

You never comment on the contents - only the usual superficial snarl from you