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Monday, 26 January 2015

Same Experience...Different Perspective

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I was perplexed by Cllr Thompson's comment about such thing being expected when one renovates a building. If such were the case, that should have been taken into account during negotiations by both parties.
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It has not been my experience. 

Stronach Centre came in under budget and on schedule in 2006. 

Church  Street school renovations were completed on time and within budget.

Development of town-owned lands also completed within budget and on time.

Petch house was taken apart,transported to a yard, transported again to its current location and re-assembled within budget and time constraints.

All projects were under management of Recreation and Parks.

The Family Leisure Complex was taken through the design stage  by Recreation and Parks,then construction  oversight was  transferred to the Department of Environment  and Infrastructure already occupied with the $26 million dollar Joint Facility project.

The Family Leisure Centre Project  completion is  now five months late and out of funds.

Petch House stays vacant because no purpose has been assigned. The decision to install heat and
light is dependent on use and subject to the authority of the Chief Building Official.

Millions invested on developing lands at Leslie are still outstanding.
There have been no sales.
Now it just sits.
Providing a sterling example of why the town in its wisdom should buy and develop everything in sight


Anonymous said...

The town had best stay out of real estate. It is discouraging to hear talk about accumulating properties in the centre of town when we have underused land around the old Library.

Anonymous said...

So silly - can't even complete the Petch House which some weekend handyman could do if the town provided the equipment to install electricity and water.

Anonymous said...

I think the sale of the Leslie lands might be included conditionally in the budget, Someone clearly believed that they would sell quickly .