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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Neither Semantics nor Factual.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Let's Call a Spade a Spade":


The Town does not pay the Legion's taxes. The town does not charge the Legion taxes.

Might be semantics but it is factual.

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The comment is neither semantics nor factual.

All  properties of record are included in  the  assessment roll.

The Legion does not receive a bill for taxes because the town pays their taxes.

The  Province passed on the decision to end tax-free status for Legions. They gave authority to decide to Regions.

We all know who they are and how much attention is paid to  their decisions

Maybe they did it by telephone poll.

It w as done prior to 2003, at least eleven years ago.

 I learned of  it when I returned to office in 2003. I discussed l with the town's deputy-treasurer.

The assessment roll shows assessed value of all properties within the  municipality including the Legion .

It shows taxes calculated and owing. It shows a transfer of funds from town coffers  to
cover the Legion's share of Regional and Board  of Education taxes

Whether there's a transfer to cover the town's shared the Legion's taxes  makes no never mind.

The rest of us , including the hospitality industry,shoulder the Legion's tax burden as well as our own.

There's nothing wrong with the status of the Legion changing to become a  social club while continuing residual services to remaining veterans.

But in fairness ,they  receive  services ,they should pay their share of the taxes.

That  the Legion doesn't receive a tax bill doesn't mean  services are not provided, taxes are not calculated and paid on their behalf

Also for the second Legion building on the site.

Leasing out part of the parking lot for commercial use does not improve the situation.

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Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity how do the prices of a popular beer and a rum and coke compare at the Legion vs. at a pub or bar?

The pub or bar pay property taxes; the Legion apparently doesn't. So the Legion's prices should be lower.