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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Everybody's Doing It Now

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Still on Conduct":

"Theere was no precedent "

Maybe not in Aurora, but I know of two instances in Newmarket where DCs were waived.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 14 January 2015 at 10:47


Thank you for the comment. 

I've written four drafts of posts in the last couple of days then just didn't feel like posting them. 

There seemed to be more than enough  noise without adding to it.

I'm not surprised Newmarket  issued  two permits without collecting development charges.

A lot of time is spent in municipal circles looking around to see what other people are doing

Aurora  Council directs staff to inquire from other municipalities what they do. Safety in numbers I guess.

I am reminded of a childhood admonition; if so-and-so jumped off a cliff would you do it too?

It's an odd concept of leadership.

Provincial regulations require adoption of  Development Charges Bylaw. I've never heard of a clause allowing for excemtions.

DCs  bring in millions of dollars to municipalities in the GTA. They add thousands to the cost of housing  and other development.  In turn  that adds  to market value to new property,  increases assessment leading to higher taxes

In the long run spending  $26 million on a public works building, manning and operating multiple recreation facilities during more hours of down time than operating is less an asset  and more of a liability.

But it is the system government has created.

At the.very least there should be equity in its application.

Here's a thought.

We have a town hall that accommodates  x numbers of employees

Statutory holidays number thirteen. In a year,thirteen four day weeks. All others weeks are five/ eight-hour days.

New employees start with three week vacations. Entitlement increases a week every five years of employment to a maximum of six. Plus sick day entitlements.

A senior employee can occupy his of her space ,probably an office, fifty-two weeks , less six for vacation , thirteen four day weeks, less  time off in lieu for time spent at Council and Council-
Committee meetings ,sick day entitlements, birthdays and days spent at conventions, one or more
a year.

Every work space is equipped  with computers et al.

The building is maintained  365 days a year ,twenty -four hour/seven.

Actual occupation is a fraction of that time, varying up the ladder.

Taxes  are collected to create reserve funds for replacement costs of the building on the basis of  age.

Retail Malls  stay open  seven days a week until  ten at night  to justify operating costs.People are working through the night,stacking shelves.

Industry operates  in shifts for best  and highest use of facilities.

But Town halls, public works buildings, recreation and government buildings all  sit idle longer than they are used and we keep adding more.

It wasn't like that before the advent of DCs.

It's like that now because governments have the money and can always get more where that came  from and ....let some people  are let off the hook if Council so chooses.

Everybody's  doin'  it ..doin'  it...doin' it.  Everybody's doin' it nowwwww


Anonymous said...

I was in to pay a bill yesterday - the front reception desk was fully loaded with staff most of whom looked bored silly. We have even extended the hours of service.

Anonymous said...

The Town of Newmarket has debt as well. Looks like we want to follow that too.

Anonymous said...

I can see having a precedent but, frankly, SAC is not the one I would select. There was absolutely no need to let them off & it is quite obvious to everyone how successful their building fund raising has been.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's a problem with looking at other municipality and paying attention to what their doing. But it seems like no one wants to learn from other Towns mistakes, or successes. I do pay attention to the going ons in Newmarket and Richmond Hill. Why? Because of their proximity to us. There are services that I know could be shared, but hey...everyone wants to have their own everything these days. And of course, it's just money.

Anonymous said...

Aurora did get a lot of help from other municipalities during the ice storm. And I have been told but do not know for sure that our town's web-site is monitored from Newmarket.

Anonymous said...

But somehow we manage to find space in the town hall for one group to handle their daily business. Which sort of boggles when you consider that the original plan was to expand the facility because there was not adequate room.

Anonymous said...

Aurora seems to be copying Markham with the new garbage collection rules. That is according to the Auroran.

Anonymous said...

Our erstwhile councillor has been nicely smacked and slapped in a letter in this week's Auroran.

He apparently plays follow-the-leader regardless of where he is being led.

Well done, Matt!

Anonymous said...

20:00 - But getting space for the museum had to be fought tooth and nail. That was shameful.

Anonymous said...

You would think that the town would jump all over potential DC money. It's how the Region plans to pay some of their $2.5 billion debt.

Anonymous said...

22:18 - Were you opposed to the proposed heritage park?

Anonymous said...

We dont need a park; we have a building equipped to showcase heritage.But , the SCC hijacked it

Anonymous said...

22:53- Yes I was opposed. As I'm opposed to Clr. Abel proposal to acquire those heritage properties.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to his reply - because he really does have to respond to that letter. We'll see that much vaunted journalism.

Anonymous said...

9:31-I don't think he'll be responding. He doesn't have to, he's an MPP now. A Liberal one, he has more than enough problems on his plate to answer to than this letter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll challenge Matt to sabres at dawn ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Alex Vander Veen, the Morris apologist, will reply to the Maddocks call-out of Ballard.

Anonymous said...

But someone will. Maybe that chronic cracky letter- writer to the Auroran. No, not Nigel - the other one.