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Friday, 2 January 2015

The Price of Genius?

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 where else in Aurora can I go to see Sylvia Tyson, Dan Hill, or Dala in 2015?

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18:51, which part of "in Aurora" didn't you understand?

(FYI: Those artists aren't scheduled for the Richmond Hill venue) 

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During the holiday a thoughtful comment about culture concluded the old School  on Church Stret is not where it's at.

Culture  is in us, about us, around us and is the fabric of our being. If that's true and I think it is, what are we to make of the thought expressed in the comment above.

Enjoying performances by Sylvia Tyson,Dan Hill and Dala  here in Aurora, in a venue with minimal seating capacity is offered as culture as in agreement for the purchase of.

Entertainment  without a $75.00. parking fee as noted by the Mayor. No tedious drive in and out of the city. Intimate , if not cosy setting among friends right here on our  doorstep.

Selected, negotiated and laid on. A table spread with a feast by the seekers of enlightenment and keepers of  keys.

Whose infallibility can be trusted to know exactly what's required.

Entrepreneurs par excellence.

What are credentials for  agents and promoters of entertainment ?

Do tickets prices relate to fees  for artists of status ?

Is  a room with seating capacity for 150, and space for a performance have potential for sufficient return to validate the enterprise?

Who takes a gig on the second floor of old school on a side street in a town within an hour's drive of Toronto? With such a plethora of choice.

And  ten minutes drive of Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre. Which I hear is often in the dark.

How many Performing Arts Centres  can be supported by a specific population

How much genius promoters  fit  on the head of a pin?


Anonymous said...

It is nice that they come to Aurora but so what ? It is an easy drive fromTO and they must appreciate the attention.
I believe we have performances in the theatre all during the year & the numerous summer events simply blow the town away mainly with the country groups.
It does not mean that one should receive special attention IMO.

Anonymous said...

"Which part of Aurora didn't you understand?" Really?.... What part of 10 minutes down the road didn't you understand? And how about the other center 10 minutes up the road in Newmarket? Besides the name Dan Hill, I wonder how many Aurorans know the other 2 performers.

Anonymous said...

You're right, we should be reliant on the Big City for our entertainment. Really, how can you truly appreciate a performance unless you've battled Toronto traffic and paid usurious parking fees, right?

Let's just stick with a bedroom community mindset. Who needs that whole 'Live, Work, Play' thing, anyway?

Anonymous said...

22:43-If you or your Scc friends can get Brian Adams here to perform. I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Mumfords, please.

Anonymous said...

There is an implication here that Aurorans are too cheap of lazy to travel for entertainment. That is untrue. There have been plenty of them in Clarington during the yearly event there. It is not exactly on our doorstep - nor is it funded by the local town. I expect that the attendance of those from Aurora might even increase when the gathering moves to its new location this year.

Anonymous said...

23:28- Maybe we could get Neal Young, Joanie Mitchell, and Gordon Litefoot?

Anonymous said...

The impression I get is that we have performing arts centers all around us, including a theatre of are own. We have many town programs including private businessess that provide many of these services. So how is it we can justify the money that we do to pay for this center? And I don't understand how we have 2 members of council sitting on the board that have to be tight lipped about their meetings.

Anonymous said...

That Boots and Hearts Festival is on the same weekend at the Jazz event in Newmarket. During the last election some of our politicians covered a lot of miles. They had to be around to support Aurora talent in Newmarket and then drove like mad to get to the other show.
I'm pretty sure I know where they enjoyed themselves more.