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Monday 6 July 2015


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13:32 you maybe right, however that is usually the case IF the fees were re-imbursed and IF there was a written policy that describes what happens of you were to leave. 

Given the "old town" way Aurora works, I doubt either happened. The former CAO received training on the Town's dime and moved on. 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 6 July 2015 at 14:14


Let me tell  you about the former CAO, the one before last. 

As a solicitor he  practiced family law in the Town of Newmarket. 

He served several terms as Mayor of Georgina and left without knowing defeat. 

He represented Georgina  on Regional Council. 

Subsequent to retirement from politics, the Town of East Gwillimbury engaged his services as CAO. 

In the last months of  Mayor Jones tenure, following  failure to recruit, an interim appointment of CAO was made to complete the sale of Aurora Hydro and help fill the vacant office of CAO. 

Scott Somerville had decades of experience, provincial and municipal and many contacts throughout the municipal sector. Not unlike the Interim CAO appointed by the current Council.He made the contact with the East Gwillimbury CAO  who was in turn invited to a meeting with Aurora Council. 

He did not apply for the position during the recruitment process. Had no interest. No plans to leave the Town of East Gwillimbury.

He was PERSUADED to do so.  Several Aurora Councollors were enthusiastic about the prospect of obtaining his services. 

He took care to ensure a contract that covered exigencies. 

If the agreement no longer suited the parties, compensation would be provided for whatever time remained in the contract. 

It was a wise precaution. 

An election was held. There were changes.  

A new Mayor with a  majority slate and her own ideas about  power of the office. The  term kicked-off with a legal witch hunt that continued for two years. God knows  how many lawyers consulted and discarded iin the effort to  find one to prove wrongdoing against the previous Mayor.

Costs were never disclosed. 

The CAO and Clerk brought it to an end in a closed  meeting when the last solicitor retained was brought in to advise the whole Council. 

He was surprised Council had been kept entirely in the dark about the proceedings. 

The conclusion to discontinue  the matter that evening was beginning of the end for the CAO.

Humiliation and degradation was his consistent lot in public from that day onward. 

The obvious intent being to compel him to quit and thereby negate the need to honour the contract. 

The shameful episode was neither first nor last in the bedlam that continued throughout that four year term that ended with three citizens being litigated for daring to permit criticism of the Exalted One ...
Mayor of the Town. 

Replacement of Public Works Director, CAO, Town Solicitor, Treasurer, Planning Director and Municipal 
Clerk and briefly -employed manager of communications who served his purpose and was quickly gone, followed in succession. 

The current out-going CAO, in contrast to his predecessor, made all things possible for she who must be obeyed. Including  the straw that broke the camel's back .... litigation against three citizens was made possible under his authority.

I can think of no-one else with suffiicient clout to bludgeon a town's insurance company to change a negative decision on  liability  to defend an action having nothing whatsoever to do with the function of the Corporation. 

Comments to the blog illustrate how willingly people allow themselves to be bamboozled. 

How willing to swallow the fish whole no matter how slimy and rancid. 

How reluctant to reach terms with the facts of the matter. 

How ever- ready to make misleading and erroneous statements to further add to confusion.  

How cunningly they contrive to obtain exposure for corrupted  reality.


Anonymous said...

By yumping yiminy we have time-travelled back to the days of slimy and rancid fish, of all things.

It seems that a few years in the farther distant past are going to continue to wrap their claws around our arms and necks forever and a day.

If I had a magic wand I would wave it so as to cause those stinking oozy years to vanish from the very time of history.

Even having a blank would be better than these morbid reminders of just how low into the foul swampy waters some creatures called "humans" were prepared to venture, trying to suck the very blood out of maggots.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is, 16:51, some people just can't move on. The nasty nemesis was booted out on her pompous ass almost five years ago - she's not even living on this side of the pond now.

As far as the town is concerned, she is a non-entity.

Anonymous said...

She's not? That's cause for a celebration.

Anonymous said...

19:22- There is still a civil matter that's still looming. If the court system would get off its ass and make a ruling, there is no moving on.

Anonymous said...

How could we forget, 20:49? The Town's increased insurance premiums are a permanent reminder.

Otherwise, there is for most of us, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

I moved on a long time ago. It's not healthy to dwell on this for so long. The civil matter could have been wrapped up a long time ago as wekk, some just choose to drag it on to give themselves a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

I would rather look to the future.

Anonymous said...

We do have a history that makes one quake at the idea of rotating CAOs. The town should have one long enough to get an idea of how it works. Like testing out any new product.

Anonymous said...

Would that mean that she is no longer suing the town for costs ?
Until all the court related matters are settled, she remains an entity in this mind.

Anonymous said...

If you were directly involved you will never forget.
The threats and intimidation as well as assault on a citizen will never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I meant small-t town, rather that the upper-case T (as in the Corporation of the Town of Aurora). I'll bet, to the vast majority of residents she's a non-factor, not even worthy of an afterthought.

Anonymous said...

10:59 - Were you "directly involved"?

Anonymous said...

For all those who have "moved on"...good for you. Just remember that there were 3 residents that will never forget what happened to them. Evelyn and ALL of her family and friends will never forget and are still in limbo. Any one who is thinking of getting into any level of government, be aware that this shit could happen to you. So go right a head and move on, just remember that there are people who have sacrificed a lot to be engaged in this community for the better.

Anonymous said...

13:16 and maybe 13:25
Why do you keep on with the same mantra ? You always seem to want to land some commenter in trouble be revealing something they should not. While very carefully staying under cover yourself. It is tiresome to go away for a while and find you still digging away when I get back.

Anonymous said...

To 13:16 Stop trying to identify posters please.

Anonymous said...

13:16 & 10:59... I think that the mythology around this is similar to those that said that they were at Woodstock in 1969 or the first Blue Jays game in 1977. If everyone that said that they were there were really there, Exhibition Stadium would have hd about 150,000 people in it. Same thing as those "directly involved". How many were directly involved? you can count them on your hands.

Anonymous said...

15:39 - All residents in this Town were involved and still are. What part of that don't you get? It's people like you, that turn a blind eye to this crap that gets us in this mess. You and I might be able to sleep soundly because we're not "directly" involved, but indirectly we all are involved.

15:39 said...

18:34... Thank you for demonstrating the difference between DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY. You have made my point exactly.....:-)

Anonymous said...

To everyone involved or not.The former and some side-show followers should have been charged.IMO.

Anonymous said...

7:34- Hope you're never in need of anything. Your family and friends who aren't "directly" near you may not be available.

Anonymous said...

It was funny, sad for us though, when she got nailed on his departure. However that was not a problem as " There are plenty of others out there " said she.

Anonymous said...

Ah, leave 7:34 alone. It simply does not understand. Scoring a point means everything.

Anonymous said...


Bring our your dead said...

16:17 & 20:42 - Thanks you for that. I am not interested in scoring points. However when I see mis-information I feel that I must set things right. The Internet is full of it and so are you.