"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday 18 October 2015


Jacqueline  Stuart has left a new comment on your post "ACT NOW ......NO TIME TO WAIT": 

I sent this message to all councillors a few days ago:

I'm sorry that I did not notice that the question of placing a Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) in the Peace Park was to come up at your last General Committee meeting, or I would have sent off this message much earlier.

The placement of an armoured vehicle in a Peace Park seems ironic, to say the least. When these parks were first designated in 1992 they were to be "Places for Peace" (to read more about them see the Peace Parks across Canada web page at http://www.iipt.org/newsletter/2007/images/PeaceParksProject.pdf ).

These vehicles are not just armoured, they are armed. They bear weapons which are there to kill people, even if only in self-defence. Do we want to commemorate the sad fact that such vehicles are needed, that we have not found a way to avoid war?

Put the LAV next to the old drill shed or armoury, if need be, although I believe this or a similar proposal was successfully opposed by neighbourhood residents some years ago.

Please reconsider placing such a strong symbol of war and of the violence of death in war in the Peace Park, near the cenotaph which is all about remembering with regret all the local lives lost to war.

But bring on the tulips

Posted by Jacqueline Stuart to  Our Town and Its Business at 18 October 2015 at 08:42

Note: Ms Stuart served twenty-five years as curator of Aurora Museum,heritage advisor to Aurora
Planning  Department and always willing to research any inquiry fro the community. Since retirement she has been continuous member of the town's Heritage Advisory Committee.


Anonymous said...

Shove the thing into the Armoury and be done with it.....

Anonymous said...

I hope that letter also gets printed in the Auroran. Letters or e-mails sent to councillors often get ignored unless there is a bit
of public anger or interest in the subject.

Anonymous said...

Never have anything to do with any vehicle that has been involved in any accident.

Anonymous said...

Former PMO lawyer says Tories have "lost the moral authority to govern." Globe and Mail Sunday Oct. 18, 2015 2:37 PM EDT

They never had the moral authority to take out the garbage.

Is interesting to note Globe and Mail endorsement of Conservatives - "The Tories deserve another mandate - Stephen Harper doesn't."

The Editorial Board must have had it's collective head up its collective ass when when that decision was made.

So who will now emerge as the leader to save and protect?

Anonymous said...

This letter is pure and utter bulls**t !

This is not a "Peace Park" for crying out loud. This is a memorial to members of the area that fell while defending the country. On November 11 we have parades to this site to lay wreaths and as part of that ceremony, the firing of a salute with the honour guard. They are carrying the weapons that are used to defend the country just like the LAV was used.

The LAV may be armed but for the most part, the weapons are defensive. The role of a LAV to transport personnel in the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

11:06- Your idea is the best.

Anonymous said...

07:37, you can disagree without being disrespectful, or resorting to profanity.

Anonymous said...

7:37- So the role of the LAV was to transport them to their deaths? Yeah nice! Give your head a good shake.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the edited profanity, however I get sick and tired of the Birkenstock wearing, tree-hugging, peaceniks that first put down the Canadian Armed forces and then pooh-pooh an attempt to recognize their contribution because it is somehow a glorification of war.

Anonymous said...

But no one here ever played down the contributions of the Canadian Armed Forces. Nor did the letter that set you off.
Your displaced anger has no business here.