"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 1 October 2015


I am admonished for not being consistent. Positive anonymous comments on Chris Watts are published but not the critical.

But I am consistent. I consistently do not allow my blog to be used to bludgeon Chris Watts.

Throwing muck is not the same as an expression of appreciation. I make no apology.

'Tis said "Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds "

Chris Watts contributes substance to the community conversation...with no pressure to read ...or  agree ...or appreciate his style. 

Opponents have an option. Publish a blog, run the same gauntlet and assemble a readership. 

 It costs nothing but time, energy, commitment and willingness to bare one's soul. 

Throughout the world, mankind  has advanced despite repeating the violence and devastation  of history. Revolutions have advanced the masses. ... at horrendous cost extending over several generations and horrific bloodshed. 

There otta be a better way. 

Social media is a revolution unlike any other. The swell continues.The elite certainly feel the chill. 
As they should. They do not easily surrender advantage.They never have. It's so much more comfortable to keep things as they are. 

Change  is here.  Cell  phones with cameras. Pictures going viral.Texting..Tweeting... Blogging .Skills acquired in small fingers along with language....young minds with greater capacity than most North Americans have ever been willing to acknowledge race to absorb everything there is to learn. 

Chris Watts,of a different  generation, had exposure to computers like neither I nor my children but their children have.

Grandchildren are already parenting a generation more computer literate than themselves.

My two year old grand-daughter, Isla, (remember how recently born) has learned  ballet steps and poses from a video. This summer she maintained conversation with seven year old Reid,her twin cousin....himself no slouch in the gab fest. 

He exhausts both grandparents every waking moment with observations about everything in general and demands for satisfactory answers to specific,obvious but awkward questions. 

It would be wise to stop trying to bludgeon Chris Watts' into silence because of  disagreement and discomfort with what he is saying .

Things no longer quickly slide into oblivion. Posts remain for reference. 

It won't wash. 

The proverbial horse is already out of the barn and rampaging around the countryside.

Closing the door is as futile and foolish as it ever was and a waste of energy and resources to boot.  

Get with the program fella ... Try to keep up,why don't you. Dude, you are eating their dust. 


Anonymous said...

The so called "social media" will result in a catastrophe never before seen or experienced.

Young minds are being obliterated by games, self-photography, mindless meaningless mini-messages. Is all of this going to prepare them for life? Computer literacy allows you to shop but not necessarily improve your work skills.

Many will be unemployable and continuing to live with their parents until these die. Then what?

Who can afford Toronto house prices in excess of $1 million and Vancouver more than double that?

I don't see the great green world you point to. And that's without dealing with the environmental mess that will cost hundreds of billions to mollify.

Anonymous said...

Dust isn't very tasty.

When the water slowly dries up that's what will be left.

Try to grow grain in dust. Or fruit. Or fish or fowl.

Just keep tweeting!

Anonymous said...

it would be different if the criticism was constructive or anything other than a whine about the way
the blog is structured. It's his blog, for crumb sake . The more grumbling the opponents do, the
more interested and curious newcomers go over to check the site out for themselves.
The whole thing has been re-hashed to bits for years now,.. The Watts Blog is funny, different and sometimes right
on target. Just like David J's material in the Auroran.
We need them both and Evelyn too.

Anonymous said...

Agree with his opinon or not, that Gold Mine post was brilliant. It really doesn't mstter what side of the fence you sit on with this Center, it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"Social media is a revolution unlike any other. The swell continues. The elite certainly feel the chill.
As they should. They do not easily surrender advantage. They never have. It's so much more comfortable to keep things as they are."

Who are these elite and what are they being asked to surrender?

It's wonderful how bright your young grandchildren appear. But what are they going to do by way of honest toil when it comes down to creating a life with its necessities such as food, clothing, housing? It's unlikely their familiarity with Facebook and Twitter is going to sustain them.

Evelyn, you are out to sea on this one, completely and utterly, in a leaking boat with nary a paddle or oar.

Anonymous said...

Ah, 11:12
You are always so quick with the put-down. I wonder what sort of order your own house is when it comes
to productivity.