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Friday 30 October 2015


I'm Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WHO CAN YOU TRUST": 

And then you have Liz Sandals claiming that paying off the unions does not have any influence
on their support for the government.  

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Education Minister Liz Sandals was responding ...or not....to questions about payments by the Ontario government  to teacher unions for extra costs of negotiating contracts because  of extra time,extra people,extra rooms, extra food, for parties involved in negotiations. 

Extra parties being various local Boards of Education being there on the pretext of  local autonomy in education matters. 

It's  hard to imagine how negotiations happen with so many parties participating. 

But if  not participating what purpose would their presence serve?

The Minister said. " NO.....receipts were not requested" 

Obviously rooms. Extra time. Extra food were all needed. 

Like a hundred pizzas.

A large pizza averages six large slices.  Even if each participant had two,it would mean 300 people 
knoshing  at taxpayers' expense for days and weeks. 



How much negotiating could be going on with those numbers? All those pizzas to eat.

One news story says the amount funneled to the unions was over $2 million .Another said over $3 million. 

Easy to see why it would be hard to keep track.

And that would just cover extra union expense. 

They would hardly be hosting and paying government expenses. Suppose the government had an equal number! 

Premier Wynn says the unions should provide receipts. 

Minister Sandals dismisses the idea . Also that she received any help during the election from Working Families of Ontario, pseudonym for teachers unions. 

The Financial Accountability Officer has just stated his report about long term pain for short term gain by selling 60% of Hydro was leaked to the media by the government and that disrespects his office. 

The Honorable Charles Sousa, Ontario Treasurer, disputes the Financial Accountability Officer's findings.

His might have been one of the seats saved by the  billions of dollar cancellations of the natural gas fired generating plants  in the Honorable Dalton McGuinty's time. 

i think I read Mr Sousa was  manager of a bank branch in downtown Oakville. 


Anonymous said...

Now they want the receipts. Going to be very interesting how long it takes for them to get leaked.

Anonymous said...

Wynne and Sandals are examples of why more women do not attain higher executive positions in our society.

They unfortunately screw things up just as badly as their male counterparts.

And please don't throw McGuinty at me. He was bad, if not worse. Hundreds of millions, dollars, and not pizzas.

It's probably not so offensive to see what was done but rather the coverup and the sordid explanations.

Anonymous said...

There are three woman who presently occupy positions of international standing and power, or seek to do so.

Angela Merkel, Janet Yellen and Hillary Clinton.

Until recently the first was unassailable both in her native Germany and globally. But a generous gesture relating to refugees has tainted her fellow countrymen's option of her, as they realize the impact on their country and its services.

The second has managed to use thousands of words to say virtually nothing, and in the process has roiled the world's stock markets.

The third could be a shoe-in as American president next year, as she towers above all her potential Republican opponents. They seem to get stupider by the moment. They have ditched NBC from any future debate sponsorship and have just elected a vice-presidential loser as Speaker of the House of Representatives, the third in line for the presidency. Pretty scary stuff.

It will be interesting to see the composition of our new Cabinet next week. I wish them well and hope they will be able to deliver.

Anonymous said...

"...and hope they will be able to deliver"

...the mail back to our homes.

Anonymous said...

Bringing back the delivery of the mail back to our homes would be another gas plant scenerio. We've invested way to much money to reverse it. The only concern I had with this box service was those that physically would be challenged to pick their mail up at these box locations. But with a doctors letter they can have their mail delivered directly to their home. I'm fine with that.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you are right in the morning.
Home delivery of mail is dead in the water. those who need assistance can obtain it.
There is only a story there if we hear people are not being helped ,

Anonymous said...

"But with a doctors letter they can have their mail delivered directly to their home."

Yes, but only once a week.

"I'm fine with that."

I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Wente has a super article about Mr wynne's multi-million dollar " token of appreciation"
to the teachers' unions. This is not going to go away quietly, nor is it going to be forgotten,

Anonymous said...

@ 9:56
Too bad. So sad. NOT

Anonymous said...

11:26, your kind-heartedness and empathy are unrivalled. (Can you guess the next part?)...NOT!

Anonymous said...

Mail is dead... I retrieve the mail from my CMB once a week. A few bills (that I do not have on auto-pay) and loads of junk. Who needs daily at the door service anymore? I surely do not.