"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday 6 October 2015


680 news has a story on Monday's court refusal of the government's request for a stay in the decision relating to the right to decide on dress during a Citizenship Ceremony.

I read it twice to better inform myself . Seems like I came in halfway through the movie.

First a court decision affirmed the constitutional right of any person to dress as they chose during a citizenship ceremony.

Then.... government appealed the decision . A panel of judges upheld the decision.

Then ....government requested a stay of the decision to allow the case to proceed to the Supreme Court of Canada. And that's when it became convenient for the campaign political issue 

On Monday , Justice Johanna Trudel decided not to grant the government's request because there was no compelling public interest to do so. 

I've read the story twice to be sure I caught the gist. Mine is a layman's understanding. I do not pretend to be a legal practitioner. Perish the thought I would be so bold as to claim an understanding of law at any level. 

Heavens to Betsy. ! ! ! 

The 680 news story is easily located.  Zunera Ishaq complainant, expresses  disappointment in the government and Mr Harper specifically, would focus on an issue that concerns so few women.  

She wants it known she intends to uncover her face during the oath taking. The issue was never about identity. It was always about the right to decide how to dress during the ceremony. 

Therev never was a challenge to the law requiring a person to be identified for the purpose of taking the Oath of Citizenship. 

So how's that for playing the public and  " Mastery of the Black Art "

Politics  have been described many ways.  I favour is the "Art of the Possible" It's the one that kept me commited all those years. 

I never saw it described as   "The Black Arts"

It's hard to surrender a lifetime conviction. I am at the point however it may be forced upon me. 


Christopher Watts I have been unable to unearth the M P votes you reference with the web connection 
you provide. 


The current comment  refers to "hatred" of the  riding's Conservative candidate . I am not comfortable 
with the word . I  a. removing the comment.


Anonymous said...

The matter involved 2 TWO women who had asked about remaining veiled. There never was an issue until the Harper
campaign decided to create one. It was an academic exercise only about how much control the government should have
over what one should/should not wear.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Harper "unveiled" in public.

Or, maybe I wouldn't.

But it would be nice to have a choice.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how you thought it was about controling what people wear. It was never about that! and smart canadians know that it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

A man for whom i have a good deal of respect wrote today that we can expect
" A barrage of negativity & nastiness "

Anonymous said...

I do wonder if that guy from Oz quarter-backing the conservatives has a permit to work in Canada. There are very strict rules about bringing in someone when there are Canadians who could do the job. There is not enough time for anyone to find out. though, and they are probably counting on that.

Anonymous said...

A permit? Of all the things to question about this man, a permit is not one of them. There are some occupations that do not need permits to work in this country.

Anonymous said...

"The current comment refers to "hatred" of the riding's Conservative candidate . I am not comfortable with the word . I a. removing the comment."

If you are referring to a post I made... I would request and approve that you edit the post, change the word "hatred" or "hate" with "disliked" and republish. I thought that there was good information there that your readers would be able to use.

Anonymous said...

Please, never about a persons right to choose what they can wear - we have become a frightened society when it comes to controversy, we appear to be heading backwards .....

Anonymous said...

And we do not have enough political experts within the country who could advise a party
during an election ? Really ? It is no different from an auctioneer, for heaven's sake.

Anonymous said...

Seriously off-topic
Auroran is up

Anonymous said...

The question was about if the guy had a working permit. Is there someone that could do this job in Canada? Sure there is, as Harper has a slew of canadians working on his campaign. He hasn't fired anyone from his campaign team. Sometimes an organization needs a pair of fresh eyes and ears and this Crosby guy is probably just that. I can't state that as a fact, but questioning whether this guy has a permit or why he's working in the country is silly.

Anonymous said...

What about Canadians that were/are working for US politicians? Frum for example. Did Americans get bent out of shape like 18:44 and his/her multiple posts on the guy from Oz?

Anonymous said...

Who knows what bends Americans out of shape ?
Pretty well everything that isn't American, maybe.......and that do not seem to include the aboriginal Americans.

Anonymous said...

Frum ? He hasn't become American yet ?
Then he would have a green card. It might go some way to explain their current mess too.