"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 31 October 2015


Any time there's a screw up that casts reflection on the integrity of the government, a Cabinet Minister must resign. 

It's how a government fesses up.

Mistakes happen. 

They must be atoned.

Joan SmIth was Solicitor General in David Peterson's government from 1986-9 . She made a phone call to the police in the middle of the night on behalf of a constituent worried about a missing brother. 
Because of her authority as Solicitor General ,there was appearance of impropriety of  perhaps trying to influence the police. No evidence. Just appearance. 

Ms Smith did what was required to protect public confidence in the integrity of the government.

It's the reason Dalton McGuinty resigned. 

Resignation of not, it would have been the reason for  the government's defeat if Tim Hudak hadn't handed them victory on a lace doylie clad plate.

It's the reason leaders  resign following defeat in election. As did Tim Hudak. Now Conservatives have a pig in a poke with Patrick what's- his- name. 

Patrick Brazeau should resign from the Senate.

Just because he wasn't found guilty as charged...didn't mean he wasn't guilty as charged.

 It could just mean the government's lawyer failed to prove it.Or because of systemic bias against the government. Or a combination of both. 

A Cabinet Minister resigns  " to save the government harmless" 

Not to save the Premier's or Prime Minister's hide. 

Even though it may, by sparing judgement on a Premier or Prime Minister's judgement in placing a person without judgement in a position where judgement is required. 

Like making Michael Chan Ontario Minister of Culture because he represents  a riding dominated by Asian culture. 

Like Stephen Harper when he appointed Italian -Canadian Julian Fantino to Cabinet as Minister of  Veteran's Affairs. 

Though, to be  scrupulously fair, I don't  think that decision alone defeated Stephen Harper.

He did other stuff. Lots of it.


Anonymous said...

What a sad mess of representatives we have throughout all parties and levels of government.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny, sort of, when Brazeau said he had voted Liberal

Anonymous said...

Mr Fantino is gone and i think another Italian is in so the residents will still have representation but maybe
not in cabinet. Fantino was embarrassing in the veterans portfolio imo

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately there are no schools where one can attend and learn how to be a responsible intelligent representative on behalf of those who voted for you.

You just have to take the bones with the meat, the fat with the lean, and hope that there is hope.

Anonymous said...

How do you explain MPP Harinder Thakar
Former minister of transportation found in breach of integrity rules by the integrity commissioner (involvement in day to day business of family company)not asked to resign by McGuinty and didn't despite a flagrant abuse
The Liberal based media treated this case as an oh well piece, no condemnation nothing
Ever ask why?
Btw Thakar's family business is in the transportation business
Would a Tory minister of transportation have received a similar pass
We know the answer to that. NO!

Anonymous said...

Christopher has material posted

Anonymous said...

I do believe there is a course on what is required of a councillor. It is easy to spot those who did
not bother because it involved travel, time and maybe cost. I cut Evelyn slack because she had
to learn from others. No courses back then.

Anonymous said...

No, 10:35, she always thought she knew it all.

Anonymous said...

Does this course have a section in responsibilty or integrity? That's what's lacking in many politicians. Evelyn didn't have to sign up for that course if it was available back then or not.

Anonymous said...

No, the course was just the basics and might have avoided too much reliance on the head staff guys.

Anonymous said...

As far as being responsible and having integrity. Yes she knew it very well.