"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 10 October 2015


The late and former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau made a  profound statement; 

" The State has no business in the bedrooms of the nation" 

So simple....matter of fact.... Irrefutable.....True for every citizen in the nation. 

The law citing buggery as an indictable offence was subsequently withdrawn from the books. 

Before that time, Toronto police raids on "bath-houses"  were regular. Daily news came mainly from police blotters. 

I don't know a bath-house  from a tea- house and  never used either but I guessed a connection to homosexuality. 

Then Toronto's Police Chief Julian Fantino and other politicians walked in the annual gay pride parade to show support for the gay community. 

Now we read of men being arrested and charged with possessing child porn on computers.  

Without reference to mind set, I wonder how a law could be  written to distinguish between a 
computer and a  bedroom. 

What if the computer was in the bedroom?  Would it still be a crime? 

How do police learn what an individual,might possess on a computer?

What is the sentence? What is its  purpose? 

Is there a jail population of men whose lives are about nothing else but concupiscence? 

Can the law hope to capture all ? 

Are some in jail because they were caught and more  free because they were not ?

Is there a time when it's right  to ponder the concept of freedom? 

Or simply be thankful we are not all in jail? 

Something else  has occurred relative to the election. 

World War Two began with an ominous government announcement. 

Political parties immediately formed a coalition. 

Politics were suspended. 

No opportunity was permitted  to second-guess decisions made for the security of the nation.

No elections were held until the war ended. 

Canada is not at war nor are we threatened by war. Yet the current Prime Minister has placed young Canadians at risk ,spent millions on weapons and chosen sides in internal strife in countries we know nothing about. To promote himself. 

He deliberately calculated advantage of choosing to divide the country on a non-issue of suitable dress during a Citizenship ceremony. 

In so many areas we have no option but to trust those we elect. 

The evidence of cold calculated manipulation is clear. There can be no trust? 

But we can be thankful  for alternative choice. 


Anonymous said...

There seem to be a lot of people voting - in the city, there are looong line-ups.
We will have to wait and see if there is a purpose behind the large numbers or if people just want to get their voting done over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

The advance poll at the library shortly after 2:00 pm was over-flowing.

Interesting that one poll, 600, had hardly a soul in line while 601 was backed up with over 20 people.

No one seemed happy, neither the voters nor the election officials. And both could have used a lot more training, as errors were being made constantly and snappy corrections flew about.

A dour gathering. I'm not sure what the outcome will be but there won't be many smiles or much cheering. I didn't get past the A's.

Maybe we should do this every two years, iff only for the practice.

Anonymous said...

We have had Prime Ministers before that went past their due dates and I really hope there is enough will
to move onto the next one now.

Anonymous said...

It's frustrating to think that we have fought and died so we can pick one out of three or four or five.

Mainly one out of three.

Anonymous said...

I can see them raiding the bath houses back then although that was probably consenting adults.
Less sure about having stuff on your computer as long as it is a passive thing and you are not stalking anyone.
How in blazes do they know what you have on your computer unless you exchange material with others, That would be dumb enough to get in trouble. Even Face Book can be dangerous sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn you are very trusting. I don't believe for one second that the alternatives are any different when it comes putting young canadians at risk. We are way to connected economically with the rest of the world. Taking a back seat to conflict around the world is not economically feasable anymore in my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Other countries are also " connected economically with the rest of the world." They are not involved in a war
well beyond their borders in order to remain " economically feasable "
That comment by 23:16 is just plain ignorant in " my personal opinion."

Anonymous said...

Elections Canada repots heavy advance poll voting on Friday, some 800,000 people.

That is a 26% increase over first day in 2011 election and a 90% increase over first day of advance polls in 2008.

Long line-ups were reported at polling stations.

If this trend continues no one will have to vote October 19.

Anonymous said...

How very condescending and incorrect.

Anonymous said...

We are so spoiled with the advance polling - I remember when we lived in the Hill having to drive to Maple to vote/

Anonymous said...

Canada has not taken and does not have to take a back seat to world conflict.
Where we have erred is in not being at the UN table any longer and in losing a well-deserved reputation
as " honest brokers ". Now we are small players involved in situations abroad where it is almost impossible
to identify friend from foe. Mistakes can be costly in lives, materials and money.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant, condescending and incorrect? Really? I think 23:16 made a good point in describing almost every country dependency on each other for something or another. There was a previous comment somewhere about wars being started by the smoke and mirror reasons of democracy or religion. Well I believe that as well. Its all smoke and mirrors. Follow the money and you will find your answers to all political policies, and a hell of a lot more that I'm sure we really don't want to know. All we can do is as citizens is to support each other in what we truly believe is the good for all and not those of the few. I think 23:16 was trying to bring on another perfective to how and why or politicians do what the do, and it works for me.

Anonymous said...

Blue Jays win 5-1


Anonymous said...

Where do the polls get their information ? They sure aren't asking me and they keep going without
showing any signs of going out of business. I simply canT rely on them. What good are they ?

Anonymous said...

Is Fantino running again ?

Anonymous said...

Yes he is. And it's a pretty close race between him and the liberal.

Anonymous said...

I will assume it is another Italian. When I tried to check they kept going me their municipal stuff. Hope the veterans are out in force.

Anonymous said...

There isn't any in vaughn

Anonymous said...


What you download to your computer is no secret. People in this life style also like to share, so they send it to others and get from others.

Have you ever taken your computer to a shop to be repaired or "sped up" or have virus removal done? Those shops have an ethical responsibility to see what is on your hard drive and will report to authorities if anything un-toward is found.

Anonymous said...

You mean like the photo development places that called the cops 'cause of pictures of kids with no clothes on
getting ready for their tubs ?