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Friday, 16 March 2012

Looking For Logic In All The Wrong Places

KA-NON has left a new comment on your post "Mayor Rob Ford Is A Piker in Contrast.":

It is March 14th. How is the Cultural Centre contract renegotiation committee doing? Who is on it?
March 15th.
There is no committee. A report providing terms of reference for discussion between the town and the culture centre board is anticipated for March 27th Council Meeting.

Whether or not it appears,remains to be seen

When or if Council has approved potential terms of reference, committee member selection process will begin.

Yesterday, Councillor Gaertner indicated she is not interested in serving on the committee. However she recommends nomination/selection of names should be submitted to Council for approval.

Chances are that part of the process will take another month.

By May, providing terms of reference have evolved and received approval and a committee comprised of council and board members is establishedwhich is by no means certain, a schedule of meetings is the next part of the process.

Depending on how many people have to be accommodated,
it may be a lengthy and tedious process.The greater the number the lengthier and more tedious it is.

In June,Council goes into recess because of vacations and difficulty in getting people to-gether during summer months.The more people,the more difficult.

Yes I know, it was understood a commitment was made by the Mayor that the problem would be resolved by the end of March or the termination clause would be re-activated.

Don't forget, three members of council,Gaertner Gallo and Ballard do not acknowledge the problem.

They were joined by Dawe,Thompson and Humphreys, who aligned themselves with the opposition by deciding that citing the termination clause was not the way to handle the problem.

Now we are looking at timetable for a process that at least half of those who voted for, are on record as not acknowledging there is a problem, and are therefore unlikely to vote for it.

The position of the three who processed an amendment that wasn't, is as obscure as the other trio's is clear.

Then there are the three who didn't vote for the process, the objective of which is clearly unclear.

I feel no obligation to vote for something that has all the elements of strategic prevarication. i.e. a stalling tactic.

So the problem, existing since the day the foul and pestilential agreement was signed, continues.

The difference is, we know the responsible parties for the current situation.


Anonymous said...

" Problem would be resolved " according the Mayor Dawe. Well, some do say that pigs can fly.

Anonymous said...

Even if Geoff does realize what he has done, the bottom line is that he has lost any authority to direct his Council. It is a sad sobering conclusion, but I just don't think he can turn the clock back. When push came to shove, he got shoved and so did Aurora. [ Bad word omitted here - assume the worst ]

Anonymous said...

This is complete and utter BS.

The mayor, along with councillors Humfryes and Thompson are even worse at representing the interests of the town and its taxpayers than the "Three Sopranos." The latter, at least, have been consistent with their yowling and posturing. There is no point criticizing them personally any longer. Enough of this has been done and they continue on their merry way down the rat-hole.

This entire mess is going to drag on through the remainder of this year, with recriminations and emotions that will not easily be assuaged. And then the agreement will simply expire at the end of next year, as the termination clause would be moot.

So where the hell does this august body known as "Aurora Town Council" propose to take us commencing in 2014 when it comes down to the ACC? Surely we are not going to want to relive the last three months and what will be the rest of this year and then the next?

This is fast becoming a very bad joke, and our mayor and five councillors third rate comedians.

A previous poster suggested cutting off the next quarterly funding payment to the ACC, which presumably, if done on a calendar quarterly basis, would be due in two weeks. I would extend this to the salaries of the mayor and five councillors, none of whom are coming even close to doing the job they were elected to do, none of whom, on this issue, are acting responsibly.

If I read any more drivel about committees to draft terms of reference and propose names of potential members for same, you can mark my words, the previous term of council might come out looking like a rose in comparison to the present one. What a ghastly thought to have, much less put into written form.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this day too. They can't all be winners.

Anonymous said...

Trust is a living thing. Mine took a direct hit because I had invested it poorly.

Anonymous said...

I think that given how divisive and poisoned our cultural centre has become we should pull funding.

Clearly the ACC is not about mending fences or being accountable. It's about the past council's poison politics. Enough already !

Mayor Dawe is doing a great job despite the trash he is trying to clean up.

Anonymous said...

I have coined a name for the bunch of people here that blindly follow Evelyn and her causes... "Buck's Battalion". Just remember Dieppe.

"...lost any authority to direct his Council..." You know what, the Mayor's job has no authority to direct council. The Mayor is one person in the total council.

"I would extend this to the salaries of the mayor and five councillors, none of whom are coming even close to doing the job they were elected to do, none of whom, on this issue, are acting responsibly."

I think it is wacky posts like this one is the main reason the Province extended the municipal term to 4 years. In your mind this is the only issue thatyou think is out there and this is the issue that determines the success of failure of the council less than half way through their term?

Perhaps this council is doing what they were elected to do and not just thinking of a small group of people that feel that this is a bad deal, they are thinking of the entire town.