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Friday, 16 March 2012

Splitting Hairs

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Once More And No More":

I know you said "Once more and no more"... but are saying that the distiction between private and public is one is to less than the full council and the other is to full council?

Where does it say that in the Municipal Act?

If I was to send an email or letter to everyone on council except one, it would be a private communication?

And I think you are splitting hairs.


Anonymous said...

Evelyn, I think this determined questioner has some concerns about e-mails that might have been exchanged during the last term and is hoping that they will not appear - maybe even in a court room. There is an air of desperation, needing assurance that those e-mails will be protected. And you seem to be relying that they are not protected.
Just guessing here but panic is evident about something.

Anonymous said...

If the problem involves e-mails sent about the closed session that resulted in Morris' Non-Defamation lawsuit, that horse has left the stable and the barn door is wide open.

Anonymous said...

10:39... wrong


3:14.... wrong again

Looking for clarification but asking for same from Evelyn is not an easy process, she can't stay on topic long enough to provide clarification.

Anonymous said...

Mallards just crash-landed demanding the usual hand-out. Weird but they look fine.

Anonymous said...

4:02 PM
Why should Evelyn clarify anything for you? Do your own bloody research.

Anonymous said...

16 March, 2012 6:44 PM

"Why should Evelyn clarify anything for you? Do your own bloody research."

Well, it was Evelyn that is advising people as to what is public and what is private. I am looking to clarify so that I have an understanding of how SHE comes to the conclusion. Clearly there have been different results.