"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Point Of Zero Tolerance...or No Return

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Collosal Effrontery":

I do not want to rain on an already soggy parade, but did anyone hear the word ' museum ' mentioned?


The word has been conspicuous in its absence from several reports
presented to Council recently..  The last report referred to " whoever that agent might be" instead of simply,"a museum curator".

It's   odd how the meaning of words has taken on  new significance in common currency,with some seeming to be avoided at all costs.

My own straightforward style of expression is interpreted as "inflammatory". Ever ready to burn the barn down.

 At all costs, we must not  upset the sensitivities of the artistic, high-minded cultural element of our society with crude plain talk..

Speaking the obvious must be avoided at all costs. Lest it send  them fluttering to the furthest branches never to come back to the table for negotiations.

While total unsustainability of the current  agreement is noted,  at the same time, we must  prostrate ourselves like base sinners before the  stupendous work of the high-minded  professionals in bringing us up by our bootstraps to the altar of culture.

Like we wouldn't know art from  the effect of proverbial organic matter having hit the fan. Or the magic of theatre. Or the  uplifting quality of music from the profane business of making ends meet  on a limited budget.

One of the more interesting  aspects of being up close and personal in politics is the opportunity  to watch those who  want only to be loved ,twist themselves into pretzels  to express contradictry positions in order to please all of the people all of the time while convincing themselves of the nobility of the cause.of frantically trying to cover every inch of their own arses..

They little understand how transparent it is to people watching at home with nothing to distract them from each tiny verbal nuance or  twist of body language and  glaring contradiction.

Persomal skills of persuasion  and self-deception are as  vastly overvalued as  the community's  ability to recognise  fear of losing a single vote is  under-estimated.

Watching another human assume the role of slithering invertebrate is uncomfortable at best and  positively degrading at least.

It the common misconception about  what politics are about. 

It's the point at which adults are separated from juveniles.


Anonymous said...

Mar draws up an agreement reflecting Aurora's REQUIREMENTS, Mayor Dawe mounts his stumbling steed and, with his trusty? sidekick, our CAO, rides off to face the dragons. The dragons are given a FIRM deadline. If the deadline passes, TERMINATION is evoked.
Simple, isn't it?
Our building, our money, their onus to deal if they wish to survive.
Landlord/Tenant, period.

Anonymous said...

While I totally agree with you, Evelyn, I don't know what is blazes we can do about the situation. Reason has failed, the Mar Report was ignored and Dawe is determined to go his lonely way. Unless something illegal has transpired, Aurorans have no remedy. I believe all of those secretive meetings, and those which might happen now, could violate the Municipal Act.But I do not know that for a fact. The only 'fact' we seem to have is that Dawe ignored Mar's warning about attending those meetings. He may have ignored other legal advice in his quest but we cannot act without firm information.

Anonymous said...

"Our building, our money"

Who is included in "our"? It can be said that "our" includes all of Aurora. I beleive that your definition of "our" means those that oppose the current agreement.

Once you and everyone else realizes that "our" is everyone, then an agreement can be made. Not until.

Anonymous said...

You can keep huffing and puffing, but with only minimal effect from the fringes.

Fortunately, you ain't drivin' the bus.

Anonymous said...

"Once you and everyone else realizes that "our" is everyone, then an agreement can be made. Not until."

I agree with YOUR concept of 'our' (as opposed to some odd notion of possession often found here), but I disagree that an agreement can't be made until the malcontents 'buy in' to the idea of the town as a whole.

Most never will, but a new agreement will be put in place by the Town/Board negotiating team. With them, despite them, it doesn't matter, because it will happen.

KA-NON said...

@ 10:56. Ok, "our" includes everyone. I accept that. I really do.

Now, since I am included in "our", can I have one of the Arenas? ARC on Wellington East should do nicely. You see, I have a lot of friends who like to play hockey, and they have kids who love to play hockey, and, well, jeez, hockey is great isn't it? And kids. Kids are great too, wouldn't you agree? I mean, you wouldn't say that you are against hockey and kids, would you?

Great, I am glad that we agree.

So, can I have it? The Arena? Please?

Great, thanks! Also, can I have 3 or 4 hundred thousand dollars annually to go along with it? Oh, and a 5 year contract committing the town to pay me that along with a guranteed annual increase? Booking referees, NHL oldtimers, Roger Neilsen Hockey School games can really only be done if I have the stability of a long-term contract.

Oh, and one other thing. The people who use the pool? They are going to have to pack up their things and move out. I'm afraid I am going to need the space for dry-land, er, make that wet-land, training.

When can I pick up the keys?

Anonymous said...

I guess I am too naive or stupid, but after witnessing Tuesday nights meeting, I thought the Mayor was on track with getting the job done. Mr Able supported his efforts and I heard mostly support for Mayor and the work done so far. The only councillors up in arms over this were yourself, Councillor Gaertner and Councillor Ballard. I thought Mayor Dawe was working with the concerns that Mr. Mar outlined. I know youwould like to see an entirely new agreement, but maybe that's the next step after the current one is fixed to our legal departments approval. I believe Council IS moving forward and in a positive direction.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want an agreement with the ACC? They are appointed [ some self-appointed ] individuals who hold meetings where people are sworn into secrecy, can't be bothered to keep minutes of meetings and are not accountable to anyone but each other - and they might not trust each other.

It's about as smart as dealing with the local town thugs
and just about as reliable.

Anonymous said...

4:25 PM The kids on the hood don't resort to culled mailing lists to engender anger at Councillors and Town Council. They do not invade the Town Hall with well-prompted, ill-informed, nicely coffed townies from neighbour hood areas demanding the subsidy for their centre be funded regardless of taxpayer desires. So we should talk about a youth centre sharing space with the Museum. Beats what's not going to happen on Mayor Dawe's watch.

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:48 PM
In what year do you believe this " entirely new agreement " will be in place? How long does it take you to negotiate the rental of a residence or vehicle? Could you please deal with the reality of the town being stalled by supplicants with attitude and little else?

Anonymous said...

You would think that, of all the Mayors in Ontario, Mayor Dawe would have the good sense to take legal advice and steer clear of dangerous waters. Not a lawyer but it sure looks as though his present course of dragging the town into unnecessary protracted negotiations with the ACC verges on breaching the Municipal Act. We have commitments with the Province for money provided for a Museum and that is likely also at risk. We do not need more legal squabbling but the Council is persisting in acting foolishly despite all reasoning and the Mar Report.

Anonymous said...

Sure Ka Non,
If you can show me how what you are asked for equals what the ACC is doing.....

Anonymous said...

11:06 AM
The ACC is not ' doing ' anything. The ACC does not ' do ' anything. It uses taxpayer dollars to hire people to run the place on their terms. They call the shots - Aurora pays. The Board DOES NOTHING in return for being subsidized with the free use of Aurora's building and Aurora's funding. The ACC produces nothing for the town revenue and certainly nothing in the way of good will. They are merely tenants, non-productive tenants, too lazy or unable to support their chosen lifestyle.