"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Welcome Is Withdrawn.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Morning News":

"In some respects, a comparison between the Ornge scandal and the "imbroglio" we have with the Church Street School building. can be made."

In some respects not.... Please don't try to make this tempest in a teapot with the ACC more than what it is... The current council trying to reverse a deal by the previous council.

The Ornge "scandal" (to use a term The Star likes to use) is a significant province-wide issue that has potential impact with residents' health and well-being. There is no such possibility here unless a painting falls off the wall.


In yet another similarity,  it is a political issue. 

You do not disclose your identity but you do reveal your place when you say ;

"There is no such possibility here unless a painting falls off the wall"

It's obvious  you are  staff  at Church Street School.

You are engaging a member of council in a political dispute.

You clearly have no idea how inappropriate that is.

Apparently, there is  no one on your  board  who understands the  disrespect  implied for the people who fund  your employment
or you would have been instructed not to do that.

It is yet another egregious  aspect of this matter which  offends me
greatly and I speak not for myself alone. 

Allow me to quote for you part of a comment received this morning
on my blog.

"It is extremely difficult to understand Council members' dereliction of their responsibilities and duties.

Aurora residents and taxpayers expect a Council that governs, one that oversees the expenditure of their money in a wise and accountable manner, one that understands the voters are supreme, not politicians, not staff, not a special interest group."

No small part of the community's  outrage  is the lack of respect demonstrated by this  board  and possibly  some staff members  in their determination to  deny  the community's authority in this matter.

Not the least of it, drawing people into the discussion who do not live in our community and  have nothing whatsoever to say about how we manage our town's business.

I am long enough an elected representative  to  be able to read the mood of this  community.

Your board has overstayed its welcome.

Flawed as it was ,the agreement between the board and the town was not a "deal".

A deal bespeaks two parties bringing  something to the arrangement.



Anonymous said...


I wrote this response and I take offense to your assumptions. I will remain anonymous but I can assure you of the following.

I am not staff at Church Street School. I am not staff at any Aurora-owned facility. I am not staff at any municipal facility. In fact, I work in a multi-national company that is traded on multiple stock markets and my office is in Peel Region.

I am however a tax payer in Aurora. I am engaging a member of council in a political dispute because as a member of council, you are obligated to hear all residents' concerns.

You clearly do not know how inappropriate it is for you to assume who someone is. It shows how out of touch with reality you are now. It shows how far the pendulum has swung in this bloody mess.

You only speak for a vocal minority that are still bitter that Phyllis Morris ran this Town for 4 years. I was not a supporter of her but I understand what has happened. Since the beginning of this term it has been your mandate and the sheep that follow you to rid the Town of everything she did.

You are long enough to read the mood of the community but I think that you need new glasses because you are not reading it for the ENTIRE community, just the wackos that follow this blog.

Anonymous said...

"It's obvious you are staff at Church Street School."

That's not obvious at all! That's a helluva leap you made. But then, you're a master at extrapolating your assumptions into mistaken conclusions and certainties.

Anonymous said...

1:16, I'd like to shake your hand - virtually, at least.

Anonymous said...

But there are similarities between Ornge and the ACC.
One of the 'irregularities' under investigation is the use of taxpayer dollars to establish a nonprofit group which benefited those who created it. I'm no lawyer but that sounds much like the ACC board to me. Add the layer of enforced silence and lack of minutes, Aurorans cannot be blamed for making comparisons.

Anonymous said...

1:16 PM
And why should we believe either your indignant protests or your attack on Evelyn. Your petulant hissy-fit was totally out of proportion to the discussion, Just like the ACC reaction to an interest in fixing a bad situation. Completely over the top. Maybe a triffle nuts?

Anonymous said...

Time for another apology, Councillor Buck. This time to the staff of the cultural centre, who, as you rightly say, shouldn't be involved in a political dispute. You erroneously dragged them into it today, so apologies are in order.

Anonymous said...

"I work in a multi-national company that is traded on multiple stock markets and my office is in Peel Region."

Must be penny stock ,just like your comments ,pretty much worthless , but no matter. the government will most likey bail you out just like Ornge and the Culture Centre

christopher watts said...

A comparison between Ornge and the "Cultural" Centre is an interesting one, and not one I would have drawn.

That being said one constant between the two is a refusal to cooperate.

Ornge refused to cooperate with the Attorney General.

The ACC refused to negotiate with the town in an open and transparent way.

The business plans and strategies behind both are unsustainable and now subject to sweeping corrections.

Whoever had a hand in either's genesis they certainly can't claim their efforts as a success.