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Monday 26 October 2015


Christopher Watts has left a new comment on your post "WE CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER": 


As per the town's website: http://www.aurora.ca/culturalprecinct
The Cultural Precinct is a three-block area bounded by: Mosley Street, Larmont Street, Metcalfe/Church Street and Yonge Street. 

For those that are interested on Sunday from 2 to 4 pm there was a community walk with about 30 in attendance, including 5 members of council (Mayor Dawe, Clrs Mrakas, Humfreys, Able, Kim) 2 x Town staff (Director of Planning, Director of Leisure Services) and 2 consultants.

There was no take-away or notice of what is planned for the "Community Culture Quest Aurora!" exercise.

Starting at Town Park in front of the former Wells St. School the group headed to the former Aurora Armoury. From there it cut back through the park, up Wells then west along Mosely to stop at the old Lions Hall. South on Victoria stopping at #54 Victoria. South to Metcalfe, east on Metcalfe to the Anglican rectory, then back west along Church to the Aurora Publick library parking lot.

The walk almost ended at the library without any consideration given to the west most boundary but then continued over to Yonge St.Up Yonge to Mosley, east to Victoria and south ending at the Church St. School.

Following the walk there were the usual uninspiring kiddie craft activities dragged out by consultants: an opportunity to pin words on a vision statement document, add paper cut-outs to blown up maps and use markers to write in on large paper wish-lists. It was this last activity I noticed the Mayor writing in his suggestions which I thought were reserved to capture community input.

The walk was led by Carl Bray of Bray Heritage, same consultant used for the both the failed Hillarious-Macintired Park concept ($25,000) and the failed South East Heritage Conservation District ($50,000+)During the walk Mr. Bray admitted that he did not feel the term "cultural precinct" was a good fit.

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Anonymous said...

The exercise was probably good for them, And they managed more than the 12 or so who turned up to check out
the future Joint-Ops. Me, I'd sooner do the Haunted Forest and Spooky Tours with my family, but it takes all kinds.

Anonymous said...

This "Cultural Precinct" is a great big BOONDOGGLE, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

The members of the "ad hoc walk" committee got absolutely out of it what they had put into it. NOTHING.

Even Mr. Bray, the revenue generating consultant (his revenue, our expense) had to admit that "he did not feel the term 'cultural precinct' was a good fit."

Has there been any community input? Are taxpayers even aware of this latest Aurora aberation?

Halloween approaches and with it strange things that go bump in the night, goblins, ghosts and black cats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate Mr Watts' participation in this thing, if he is reporting the facts of what happened perhaps he should not include the sarcastic editorial for which he is famous and strictly report the facts. That way, the people reading this can judge for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Like the Star or the Error banner?

Anonymous said...


Should you not take a cue from him and call it "The Stir"? Really, 12 year old name calling is so unbecoming and it makes me discount what people say.

It is the same as those that swear or cuss at work. I work in an office environment but those that like to throw around the "F" word I take what they say less seriously because they take the cheap easy way out to make their point.

Reminds me of the line in the original version of the movie "Arthur". Arthur's butler (Sir John Gielgud) talking to Liza Minelli's character (a lower class New Yorker). "You have a lovely economy with words".

When you write, your selection of words says a lot about you. Don't try and be funny for funny's sake.