"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Monday 28 October 2013

I wont do it. You can't make me..You're not the boss of me

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fantasy World":

You have to use something to clobber him because he is so right about himself, he will not permit anything bad to be posted about him. There was a blogger that tried but I think he got tired of the battle and has gone.

Watts makes you use a logon to make the comment so he knows who you are whether he posts it or not.

I don't have a problem if you ban people from slagging him on this blog, but you must also band posts of those that promote his blog - they are probably him anyways

We are early days  using social media. It's much like hacking a pth through a wilderness. Not that I"ve ever done such a thing. But I do feel I'm still testing how far I can go.

I've drawn some lines.  People who put themselves out on the public stage, be they politicians or activists are not in the same category as people who do not. 

People who do not , have a right  to be anonymous.  I understand some  who write blogs  also choose 
not to identify themselves. 

Peeople who write a blog have  a  right to decide  to publish or not anonymous comments. 

I want people to comment more than I need to know who they are.

It has it's drawbacks.

The  comments can be dismissed .

They can be abusive, insulting, inaccurate  and  on occasion downright disgusting .

Then a decision  has to be made. To publish or not.

I am criticized  when I  don't.

Though Council colleagues don't complain, I suspect critical comments appearing here may not be appreciated.

I understand I am criticized elsewhere. Since I don't read it.  I'm not disturbed by it. 

It comes with the territory of politics. 

Before social media the buzz around town was social media. People who paid attention had their say about things to each other wherever they happened to meet. 

That's how I see the blog. People having their say about things. 

But the blog is not without restrictions. 

Chris Watts writes a blog.  Far and away more professional  than mine. 

It isn't  mine. 

If Chris writes something  that displeases, my blog is not the platform for retaliation. 

We agree on some things. We disagree on others, 

He is free to criticize. I am a politician. That's his right. 

I an free to respond,,,or not. I an a politician. I do not.

I am also free not to allow my blog to be used to clobber him

It's beyond the pale so to speak----------. or the range of this blog.


Anonymous said...

I object to the categorization that all mentions of Christopher Watts on this blog are by him. I contribute a notice here whenever I find something new on his site. And I've never set eyes on the man. If someone choses to go there after I've reported new work, that may do so - or not.

Anonymous said...

It's funny when they use your Blog to complain about his Blog and then complain on your Blog that you allow him to use your Blog.
Does that make any sense at all ????

Anonymous said...

There's a long list of topics this character finds unacceptable. Like the Senate, Christopher, by-elections, anything beyond the little puddle of Aurora. Keep it up, Councillor.

Anonymous said...

That person is a goof. He/she can't be anonymous on the sites of Cllrs Ballard & Gallo. It's like that scorpion in the fable that stung the animal carrying it to safety.

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes and our Prime Minister come lies!

In a Globe and Mail story updated at 12:13 PM EDT the leadoff sentence is: "Stephen Harper is changing the story on how his chief aide left the Prime Minister's office after it was revealed Nigel Wright personally bailed out beleaguered
Senator Mike Duffy.

Mr. Harper revealed Monday morning in a Halifax radio interview that Mr. Wright was fired from his job as chief of staff in the PMO.

Previously the Conservative Leader had always said the Bay Street executive resigned the top job in the Prime Minister's office.

"I think the responsibility whenever things go wrong is for us to take appropriate action," Mr. Harper told News 95.7 Halifax.

"As you know I had a chief of staff who made an inappropriate payment to Mr. Duffy. He was dismissed."

Why, all of a sudden, after almost six months of lying, does Harper change his tune? Is this to demonstrate to those senators who are feeling a bit jittery about suspending Duffy and Wallin that that they had better follow his script, or else?

Harper is a manic ego who tolerates no oppositions, and he works best in secret, with the fewest people possible privy to his Machiavellian machinations.

In my opinion he should be suspended from office for having consistently lied to the Canadian people. The Conservative Convention in Calgary later this week would be the best place to have this happen.

Anonymous said...

When those personal rants appear, it generally signifies that you've hit a nerve. Since so many topics are in play, I don't know which one. Maybe the Stronach confusion?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news:

The Globe and Mail 3:47 PM EDT

Duffy says the $90,000 cheque for housing not the only one.

He also received a cheque from the Conservative Party for $13,560 to cover his legal fees. "That would never have happened," said Mr. Duffy, "if there was a concensus at the Prime Minister's Office that the expenses had been improperly claimed."

He said he did not know where the money came from but said he suspected it came from donations from party members - the same "base" that he said Mr. Harper is trying to appease by cutting him loose.

When will the RCMP's Corporal Horton start an investigation into the Prime Minister?

It's long overdue!!!

Detritus said...

I don't know 14:37. There are other motives.

Anonymous said...

I think Mrs Harper used to keep her husband's feet on the ground. Now that she's only around for photo-ops, he seems to be drifting.

Anonymous said...

Been about 2 years.... the best kept secret on the Rideau...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris!