"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday 9 October 2013

What's Your Price?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Environmental Purity":

10:16.... should have thrown the crackpot in jail.

She objected because the company that had the contract to tablulate the census was Lockheed-Martin (a US mega corporation that among other things is a defense contractor).

When the RFP was issued, Lockheed-Martin was the ONLY response.

What can you do? The government would have been chastised if they did not issue an RFP; then they are chastised when they do and award the contract.

Now you have wackos objecting. Lock her up.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 9 October 2013 13:24


1.1 billion dollars of tax revenues thrown away when  legitimate contracts were cancelled by the government that  signed them  in the first place.

The same  government that committed to close coal burning plants  in the same location on the eve of a previous government.

The same politicians elected to protect  taxpayers from the excesses of  bureaucracy.


Anonymous said...

Okay Evelyn.... but what does any of those things have to do with a woman (regardless of age - I feel the media wimps out by playing the age card) from violating the law?

So what... she doesn't like Lockheed-Martin because they make planes that drop bombs.

You can boycot a company if there are adequate options - there are none in the case.

Anonymous said...

Ontario had this coming. They should have never been elected back in 2011. The Liberals had plenty of scandals that had cost us Billions before the gas plant. And Ontario decided to give them another chance at robbing us blind...and viola!...another Billion gone and it's all legal. No one is going to jail, no one is losing their job and our money is gone.

Anonymous said...

That was extremely interesting. Seems the Judge considered the entire exercise a ' PR Disaster '. There were plenty of others that could have been targeted. They blew an opportunity & now no one will bother with the blasted thing. Looks good on em.

Anonymous said...


GC meeting September 3, 2013, delegation by Mr. Chris Kotsopoulos requesting removal of three trees to permit proper grading and ensure water drainage away from new home.

Recommended that the comments by the delegate be received and referred to Item 7.

Item 7 - Request to remove trees...

Recommended that this item be deferred to GC meeting of September 17, 2013.

GC meeting September 17, 2013, delegation by three neighbours of Kotsopoulos property speaking against the removal of the three trees.

Recommended that the comments of the delegates be received and referred to Item 2.

Item 2

Recommended that report PL13-056 be received for information.

Council meeting September 24, 2013, delegation by Chris Kotsopoulos, followed by Vince Peticca, Fernbrook Homes and Jeff Streisfeld, Legal Counsel, all speaking in favour of the removal of the three trees.

Moved that the comments of the delegate be received and referred to Item 1(2)

This was ultimately deferred for another two weeks in order to have staff revisit the matter.

Council meeting October 8, 2013 saw an extensive and intensive discussion that seemed to run around in circles. And I must admit that I dozed off. When I awoke the Rogers' transmission had concluded so I don't know the outcome for these sad old trees.

What I do know is that many dozens of hours were spent on this subject and if the Town's old Tree By-Law is still in effect it is permissible to cut down up to four mature trees without a permit. Is the old By-Law still in effect?

The behaviour of Council and individual members of same was unbelievable, a complete dereliction of their duty and the oath they swore upon attaining elected office.

Anonymous said...

Clr. Abel has joined with the nut bars.

This was extremely disappointing.

I guess if you live in a certain environment some of it sticks to you.

Anonymous said...

If there is a silver lining with the 1.1 billion dollar gas plant fiasco, the Ontario Liberals are getting better at dealing with hydro issues. For those that remember Peterson and Sorbara's Darlington fiasco cost us 4 billion! LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say about what I witnessed last night. Embarrassment doesn't begin to even to describe it.
Ballard and Humphries stated that "it even wants them to fight to preserve the trees even more". Well...It made me want to cut down those trees myself!!

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister has been releasing a # of war-related initiatives that Canada will finance. Things like plane parts, stealth snowmobiles etc. He has been in office long enough to have thought about processing the census in-country. No excuses if he has to farm it out - we have plenty of unemployed who might have the skills if required. Just saying

If the shoe fits said...

I sat in on the town council meeting last night regarding these trees. It was an absolute gong show. I cannot believe the amount of tax dollars spent on this issue. The lack of intelligence displayed in the room was unbelievable. To my understanding, the reason for removal was to correct the grade. The town has had professionals advise that the trees need to be removed to make the grade. They have been advised that the trees will not survive once the grade is done to the specs. The council are not professionals in the tree or grading field. So why not take their advice? A tree replacement was offered. By my understanding once the home owner takes possession he can freely cut them down with no recourse by the town. So the neighbours would lose those 3 trees and the trees offered in the replacement. They would end up with nothing. Pure stupidity on the part of the elected members of council and the neighbours. The only one on the council with any brains was Evelyn Buck. The rest were absolutely clueless. And this 5 minute rule to present your case to council is an absolute joke. It's absolutely disturbing that if you have a problem you want to address at the meeting you are cut off. Maybe it is time to change that rule and give the people who elect the council a chance to speak without restrictions. A total waste of tax payers money and a waste of time!

Anonymous said...

"The only one on the council with any brains was Evelyn Buck."

Of course you would say that on Buck's blog. Others would disagree and say the only one on the council without a brain is Evelyn Buck.

It's all perspective and most of the perspective here is a self-admiration society.

Anonymous said...

In the Auroran, susan Walmer is cautioning Aurorans on the proximity of Beacon Hall to the town. Now, I have never played golf but I think Beacon Hall are fine neighbours. They do not use town water . They have their own wells. They care for their roads and trees. It may have passed her by that they work with Audubon.
They pay their taxes on schedule and make no demands. Perhaps she would be happier if the place was sold for development as Timberlane seems to have been lost ?

Anonymous said...

@ 8:30 am
I seem to recall reading something very similar before. Now, where was that ? Oh, yeah, now I remember. It was just prior to the last election. How did that work out anyhow ? Aren't most of those councillors out of their chairs ?

Anonymous said...


What is Walmer's problem with Beacon Hall? Is it because she was not accepted as a member? Surely they made enough money to be accepted.

As far as Timberlane is concerned, what is the loss here? It is sort of like the Glenway facility in Newmarket. It was fine when it was built but times change and rather than upgrade to current standards, it was easier to toss it all out.

If the shoe fits said...

Dear Anonymous who said "Of course you would say that on Buck's blog" I have only one question for you. Were you present at the meeting? If you were you would have witnessed the stupidity that was presented there by the other council members. One said that her father planted tomato plants. The other was insulting people in the audience who were involved with the matter. What the F$%K does that have to do with the issue at hand? Absolutely nothing. They were all running around in circles and none of them had the intelligence to see that this was a TOTAL WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY AND TIME! That money could have been used to hmmmmm lets see plant some new trees??? The council and the neighbors need to grow up and come to the realization that they cannot stop this home owner from cutting down these trees. They will only be protecting them until he and his family moves in. Evelyn please correct me if I am wrong with this assumption.

Furthermore none of the other council would have posted these comments on their blogs because they know they are wrong. I would love to see the Town get their asses sued for delaying this man and his family from moving in. I only hope that the home owner sends out an invite to watch these trees be cut down. I will be there with a lawn chair to watch the end of the stupidity.

Welcome to Aurora new neighbor. Hope things get better for you. Not everyone in Aurora is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Beacon Hall is accepting new members. I think their annual fees might even have dropped a smidge. Ms Wamer is just playing the Scare Card as usual.