"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Friday 25 October 2013

Questionable Practise

Councillor Thompson provided  new information on  Sport Aurora when he was arguing in favor of continuing the arrangement the organization  has  for space ,an address and a telephone number at the town hall.

The  purpose of  being in the town hall , the Councillor stated,  is to enable receipt of grants on an on-going basis. To date, they have received $204,000. from various levels of government. Apparently for the benefit of all  Aurora sports associations  as argued passionately by Councillor Abel.

Listening  to multiple arguments and composing an immediate response  is tricky at best. At worst with time limits imposed, the debate is  seldom as  full and complete as it  might be.

I do not know the business affairs of Sport Aurora. I have neither interest nor the right  to know.  Members  are responsible for monitoring their organizations business affairs.

I do know sports organizations are well served in the town. Sports  fields are as  many and well if not better maintained  than any within  and outside the Region.

Sports groups  are represented on the town's Recreation and Parks Advisory committee with full and regular  opportunity to participate  and input into decisions made by the town.

I see no area of need for a separate organization to represent the interest  of sport to the town.

The  need to provide  a particular organization with space, an address and a telephone number
to facilitate receipt of grants from whatever government agency is in the business of giving away money escapes me completely.

I can see how the name Sport Aurora ,address Aurora Town Hall telephone contact ,Aurora Town Hall , could  create the impression Sport Aurora is a division of  the Town of Aurora business

I can see how that impression might  make grants more easily accessible

But since  the impression would be false ,  I  question  how the Town of Aurora can justify that  level of participation  in the affairs of Sport Aurora.

Nope!  I can't see that at all.

In fact , I think  it suggests an element of  impropriety

If  anyone at all out there is embarrassed by that  comment.   Tough!


Anonymous said...

There was a inherent contradiction. If we were seriously considering renovating the Town Hall because we could not accommodate staff, it seems bizarre that this desk is available . I did hear the counter-argument that it is only used when temporary town staff are not using it. Still begs the question about over-crowding.

Anonymous said...

My post office box is an " accommodation " address.
Sport Aurora could have their mail go directly to the town's boxes. Their telephone could be located anywhere since a land line is not necessary. That way the phone could be answered by their own people even when the desk was in other use. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed I think having the Town's address (any town or city hall address) gives any organization a sense of legitimacy, prestige and apparent support from the Town. It's not like a Town Hall is an office building in the idea that they generally rent out space to whoever pays the lease. Many organizations would probably like to have an office there or at least list their address as such.

By the way - where was Sport Aurora, the Town, Councillors & the Mayor in regards to the Aurora Basketball League. They voluntarily closed down after 25 years (see their website http://www.aurorabasketballleague.com/ ) What a shame. Couldn't a solution be found to help. Where could parents find a sports program for $30? Instead the Town will now try to replicate and deliver it at ten-fold the cost and a lesser program. ABL fell under the radar of everyone and was allowed to fall off the rails. So much for supporting sport in Aurora.

Anonymous said...

I have been hoodwinked then. I have always thought that Sport Aurora was a Town run department/initiative. Not only because of the physical address, but every once in a while I get a publication delivered to my house called "Sport Aurora". Inside is usually a letter or note from the Director of Recreation. Makes it all very official looking.

Dump their asses on the street.

Anonymous said...

Being such a diverse group, the people who put together the town's birthday celebrations could have used that desk & phone. One of their volunteers could have handled any inquiries and co-ordinated events & timetables for meetings Instead they probably had to use their own resources. THEY were working for ALL of the residents.

Anonymous said...

11:38 …Probably lobbying for another interest group.

Anonymous said...

There was an attempt to remove them. It failed. You have to break one link at the council meetings to change things.