"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Pretzel Performance

I heard  something horrifying yasterday.  Grossly unjust. I can't believe it happened in our  town.

Last night I asked for an item to be added to the in -camera agenda and it was. 

I   am responsible to protect the privacy of the individual so I can't provide details. But I also needed 
to double check the facts.

Surprisingly that  proved to be problematic. Asking for the facts might be perceived as "micro-managing"

Perish that thought. 

The  job of a twenty-sixyear employee    with an unblemished record  is said to have been wiped out 
and taken away in re-organising  for the customer service plan. 

"Isn't that what you wanted ...for jobs to be reduced" I was asked.

I ended up swearing at a Councillor.

He asked "What do you want us to do?  Storm  the Bastille. ?"

"Damned  right" I said. "  and I will storm the F...... Bastille if I  something  so f.....unfair  is going on"

When I calmed down, I thought  about  their reaction.

The administration is the Bastille?    A No Go for Councillors?

The role of Councillor is nothing more than social convener.

Concerts, Sports Hall of  Fame, entertaining the crowd ,building a teen centre  and financing high -brow culture  with hundreds of thousands of tax dollars.

When  told the poor were rioting because they had no bread, Marie Antoinette said:
"Let them eat cake"

The old  bait  and switcheroo technique at work here . Now he's for it then he's not. With luck, if  someone tries to recall which side he was on,  they can easily be convinced he was  always on the side of the angels.   Whichever that happened to be.

BTW I haven't finished with the Level of Services study yet.

The  consultants  deemed recreation programs discretionary".  They could be eliminated to save money.

Budget  for recreation programs is $5 million.

Revenues recovered is $5 million.

Even  Steven

No other municipality recovers costs as we do. And it's not all in user fees. Staff  actively solicit sponsorships from  local business to keep costs down.

There's irony for you  Recreation staff ask tax paying employers to contribute to  programs for families . And they do so generously.

Then politicians put their hands into the same pockets and take  money to  hand over to private operations.

 Council is currently contemplating delineating an area of  downtown to be eligible for grants and loans to spruce up their properties. The  largesse  to come out of taxpayers pockets.

The idea came from  the back room boys.

You don't know who they are.

If I told you, you still wouldn't know.


Anonymous said...

"...and financing high -brow culture"

Wrong again, Councillor. No-brow or any-brow, maybe, but you persist in flogging some non-existent 'elitist' horse. If you actually set foot in the place, you could see the full spectrum of citizenry, both young and old.

But no, you just clutch onto your misplaced prejudices and bloody-minded biases.

Anonymous said...

First order of business - stop hiring consultants at big dollars to provide reports that can be endlessly debated. Plenty of staff here and at the Region. Projects like customer centers have been tested at numerous other municipal governments.

It is clear to me that we need representation by ward. All these councillors at large are a drag to town business - nobody knows who is doing what and some are doing nothing except talking in circles. No one has ownership of anything. Yes, there are some negatives to ward representation but nothing could be worse than what we have.

A strong Mayor (not this one)can thrive in a ward system where councillors have ownership of specific issues. You have to be prepared to give and take to advance your concerns. Not so in our current system where you can pool your ignorance bi-weekly with impunity.

I would certainly like to hear what others have to say about moving to a ward system.

Anonymous said...

They seem to have contacted a case of " Fortress Mentality ". Really glad we have that meeting on tape because no one would believe it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Council believe that they are in charge of the care of those lonely trees. What happens when a branch needs to be removed. Are we on the hook for that ?
Two lawyers cautioned the councillors on the current by-law and their ability to give orders, It was useless. When, and if this gets to court, the owner is going to clobber the town and we will have to stop talking abut it because of legal implications'
For 3 trees on a man's property ?