"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday 29 October 2013


O.K. 6.39.  I agree with you.  But if I  publish that  they will have  the R.C.M.P. after us both.


Anonymous said...

Political Points
Andy Radia
" Is Stephen Harper throwing Nigel Wright under the bus ? "
The comments seem to indicate that the Conservatives need to order more buses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your good common sense and discretion.

The Globe and Mail political cartoon today has appropriated the Road to Calvary and has renamed it the Road to Calgary.

It depicts a struggling Harper carrying a cross in the likeness of Duffy who has a wicked little grin on his face. The signpost points to the "CPC Convention."

In the latest poll from EKOS Research and iPolitics 1,377 Canadians are asked about our "Leader's" approval rating. A greater number believe Mike Duffy over the Prime Minister, the lowest ever. Tories stand at 26.4% down 10% from the 2011 election. NDP support stands at 24.9%, Liberals at 37.4%

"It's hard to find anything that's even a glimmer of good news for the government in all this," said EKOS president Frank Graves.

Anonymous said...

More room cancellations in Calgary
Senators were appalled to learn that, due to the optics and public attention, their expenses would not be covered

Anonymous said...

Canadian Press
" Speaker rules Senate expenses debate can't be curtailed "

Anonymous said...

The Globe and Mail

"The speaker in the Senate has ruled against a Conservative bid to put a time limit on the days-long debate to suspend three senators.

The Conservatives gave notice Wednesday that they would table a new motion to suspend the three senators while allowing them to keep their medical benefits and life insurance.

The move would turn the suspensions into government business, allowing the Conservatives to impose closure on the debate in spite of the speaker's ruling.

The Conservatives have not commented on what the motion will mean for the timing of the votes. But if the motion is tabled Thursday and closure is imposed, it may be possible for the Conservatives to force a vote on Friday.

Senators are not expected to vote on the suspension motions until Monday at the earliest."

This would be a bitter pill for the "grate leader" who had intended using the Senate imbroglio as the keystone of his speech to the Halloween convention, outlining the many great and important accomplishments of he and his government, all pointing toward the election due in 2015. The Senate fiasco would be touted as being the greatest.

The potash world has seen prices collapse as a result of a feud between two large Russian producers, each trying to "out stab in the back the other.

There will be a lot of fertilizer in Calgary this weekend. It could all be auctioned off to some local farmer.

Unfortunately the nature of this stuff would result in a crop next year that would consist of weeds, noxious ones.

But hey, there are no guarantees!

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain where Senator Duffy's money has gone ? I understand the finances of the other 2. One is quite well off and the other is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

" Canadians rank Senate expense scandal s more serious than Liberal sponsorship scandal: Poll

Anonymous said...

This Senate mess has been a real eye opener. Not just for the exhausted Canadian citizenry. For the Senators too. They are learning what it is like to actually work hard more that 3 days a week/