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Monday 21 October 2013

We Have A Virus

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Gotta Tell You This":

 I don't think that those residents are willing to consider the various options if it prevents them from attaining Their Park. We can only hope that saner minds on Council will be more open. ************
To keep things in perspective , it's only fair to the residents to point out they are responding to information provided to them by Councillor Gallo.

He walked around the neighborhood and told them and hand delivered a letter on what appeared to be town stationary and indicated the school site was not needed by the school board... the town had first refusal on the property and it could be a park.

He then  booked the Council Chamber  and  called the neighbors in for an information meeting.

He told them his preference was for a park on the site.

A person in the crowd then asked for Councillors present to state their position on the site.

Several committed themselves to a park.

Councillors themselves are not fully informed of  all circumstances to be considered.

Whether they are aware of how they are being manipulated is hard to say.

What is clear is the issue is being orchestrated.

We  have seen it  before. It is a virus  which has been  affecting  the town's business affairs for the last several terms.

Neither the town nor the residents are well served.

One thing is certain. There's no subtlety in the process.

can't run and can't hide


Anonymous said...

The virus is most evident on that Twittersphere. Supporters of the park include Councillor Ballard and the Former. The latter seems a bit weird as it was her council that accepted cash in lieu of a park from that developer. Or am I wrong there?

Anonymous said...

...hand delivered a letter on what appeared to be town stationary....

Taking a page out of Walmer's book. I once took exception to a letter sent home from Highview PS a number of years ago when she was the School Council leader. It was on school letterhead, and was about the school's possible boundary changes. Seems that someone took a bunch of letterhead from the school office with the principal's knowledge or consent.

I called principal and she agreed that it was improper.

Anonymous said...

I think if I lived in that neighbourhood, I would have taken the time to find out a bit about the history of that parcel of land. It does not bode well when you get people willing to shout down any councillor who might urge caution or care.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that those carrying and spreading the virus can't be destroyed once and for all.

Anonymous said...


In the early '50s the west had the upper hand over the east with thermo-nuclear weapons. Later the east caught up and the only thing saving the world was MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).

Perhaps it is time to destroy the virus with a first strike. It will no doubt cause a retalitory strike but a year from now, once the nuclear winter is over, an entire new council will take office.

We need some councillors to step up and volunteer to take the battle to their camps.

Anonymous said...

With all these red herring, no real business seems to get done. Isn't the presentation or whatever on the Fab Lab on the old Library site due back about now ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the anecdote. It does show a pattern.

Anonymous said...

You are quite right, Evelyn. Ms. Walmer is extremely good at orchestrating these things. She has all the councillors to deal with & it will be up to them as individuals to decide if they wish to be part of her performance. It will also be the Mayor's job to maintain order.
I'm not willing to offer any odds on this one.
There is another food fight at the Senate with a better betting sheet.

Anonymous said...

A few flu shots are trickling into Aurora. We could have used them sooner. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Scott Sutherland
" Strange galloping dung beetle is a mystery to scientists "