"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 12 October 2013

Last Post of the Week-end

This  will be my last post this week-end.  My reservoir of good intent is at  low ebb. Hardly the right  mood for Thanksgiving week-end.

I  made a serious mistake.  

A particularly virulent  attack that made me come to grips with blog  being used in a way tI do not  use it, was published in error.

I apologize to the parties for that.

I spent  the morning writing  a response, documenting how a subdivision is planned, how park sites are chosen and why I did  not vote to spend millions on a  sliver of land in a completed subdivision.

The response received was brusque.  "send me your phone number."

It  prompted a memory of a situation  during the 2003/6 term of office,

An application was received for a parcel  on John West Way , designated for  multiple residential-institutional use .

The land had  sat vacant  long after the Town house neighborhood was complete. A change in use had already been processed to provide a buffer between the town houses  and  Bayview Avenue commercial use.

Residents  of town houses backing onto the land had enjoyed free use of the property. Some had  installed gates  from  rear yards.

Council  was lobbied for the town to purchase the multi-million dollar parcel for  a park. All kindsof nightmare  scenarios were  presented. An incinerator for body parts  and other unmentionables was
speculated. One resident claimed to have first-hand knowledge of the aawful consequences of approving the application.

John Gallo was spokesperson for the residents as President of the Ratepayers Association..

History repeats itself. Councillor Gallo has informed   neighbors of  a decision pertaining to a site for a school and  not required. The town has first right of refusal .

The matter was dealt with in camera in an abundance of caution .  It would have been better not. The community had no opportunity to hear the rational ,pro and con, for  the Council decision.

Residents  are now expressing their desire for the land to be purchased for  park.

A couple of weeks ago, I knew nothing about this site .  I received an  e-mail expressing serious concern about it being used as a dump.
"  Neighbors push wheel barrow loads of yard  and household waste down the street and dump it over the fence"  I was told.  The last straw was when an elderly woman carried an animal carcass down the street  in broad daylight and dumped  that over the fence as well.

The plea was for the town to do something about  the problem.

The town already had a file on the problem.


The last  comment I received  this morning was particularly obnoxious . It was in defense  of Council Gaertner. The  Councillor;s unfounded speculation  the builder of the house at 33  Longthorpe Court   had deliberately planned  the need to cut down the trees, was repeated .

As always I was  accused of being the true villain  of the piece and architect of  all  that's mean and spiteful  and  malfeasance into the bargain.

About the same time that Mr.  Gallo was petitioning Council to purchase land at a cost  of millions with potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in  tax revenue, Councillor  Gaertner's
eligibility to retain her seat was less than certain.

The family home was sold. The clerk was having trouble making contact Phone calls to the Councillor's elderly parent's home in North York , answered in the Councillor's voice, denied her presence.  Finally an address in Aurora was  provided .

The Councillor was said to be renting a room in the home of a Council colleague.

When the family were re-united a new home was purchased in Aurora.

 Problem solved.

So, you know, like I said the other day, I have taken my share of drubbing.

I Still do.

But  even in the best of times, I will take only so much before I lobb some of it back.

Have a great  Thanksgiving everybody


Anonymous said...

Have a marvellous weekend. You've sure earned it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there was no damage. Early on in the morning when most were pre-occupied. There is a tendency for such garbage when you have been on a roll and your numbers are up. Jealous or scared - maybe both. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a family member who can shut down your phone & computer. It occurred to me that you might be under unfriendly fire. Heck, you have worked double-shifts for days.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day and family. We even needed the rain.

Anonymous said...

Not even 24 hours later, another post...