"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 6 March 2014

Imagine the possibility

I just thought .

When the town's  hydro utility was sold to Power Stream, the agreement called for continued use of the  building and yard for twelve months.  Paying  rent of course.

The year wasn't  halfway  through when  Power Stream  gave a month's notice and vamoosed.

We didn't have a binding lease. Just an understanding that proved to be in error.

Now  we have  a lease with the  Department  of National Defense with no termination clause.

The administration negotiated the lease. It is their position it's unbreakable. They are privy to the terms of the lease but your elected representatives are not.

I suspect  the  Federal government is not bound .   They could walk out  just like Power Stream .

The only hint of  an  explanation for accommodating  Queen's York Rangers  at  our expense was that
DOD  Government was thinking of  eliminating them to save money.

News from the  U.S. this week  has the government planning to reduce armed forces toa level lower than any time since before World  War .

It is not beyond the realm of possibility our  federal Government might be thinking along the same lines.

Suppose  Queen's York Rangers  does not survive the government plan to end the deficit before going to election.

Without a termination clause  they could walk, just like Power Stream without as much as Ta Ta
it's been good to know you

In the meantime  th is Council has committed  to  infrastructure with an estimate $26million which would not have been required if we hadn't kicked the parks department out of it to make way for the Queen's York Rangers whom we now know, because they told us, use it one or two evenings a week and on Saturdays.

We will e asking the same government for a grant to help pay for that $26 million and counting facility.

There's a lot of stuff yet to be told about this.  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

You have some excellent observations there but will be between a rock and a hard place with Council. Cllr Ballard is digging in his heels about the expense of that project but he won't let anyone even speak about the possibility of the Rangers leaving. I see no way for him to risk his current safe low profile.

Anonymous said...

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts...

Anonymous said...

Stop it- Stop it- Stop it!

Unless you are a defence analyst, what you read into articles makes you look like a nut.

The US has been on a defence cut-down for the better part of 10 years. For example, BARC was a program setup to reduce the number of bases in the US. We have seen things like USAF bases closed, other USAF and US Navy airbases have been the sites of merging. Meanwhile, US Army bases are being closed.

Why is this? They have spent too much of their grandchildren's future on defence. They need to cut back. Also, the perceived threats from foreign powers have been reduced because of threats of the "evil doer" terrorists.

Drones will soon become the standard air force weapon - both offence and defence.

Canada is not drawing down reserve forces like the QYR. In fact, they are encouraging recruitment in the reserves and militia in order to supliment shrinking regular forces.

The threat to pull the QYR out of Aurora (if there was a threat, I have not seen any documented proof) was akin to the threat of major league sports teams to cities (build me a new stadium or I will move). The Town blinked and struck a deal.

You said there was no "binding lease" with PowerStream. Who's fault was that? I think I know.
I suggest that you are spreading hyperbolic rumours if you do not know if the DND lease is binding. You are only attempting to incite the pitchfork weilging masses.

Decisions are made every day by corporations that could very well turn out to wrong in the future "if" something happens. At some point you have to take the risk and make a decision.

Before you start telling us about the "stuff", be sure that you have facts and not rumours or conjecture.

Sometimes these posts of yours are irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Thompson has stated that staff provide him with answers to all his questions. There seems to be no reason why you cannot see that lease. It is quite simply part of your job. This was supposed to be a " transparent " administration.

Anonymous said...

We do not do the pitch-fork thing.
Do you not find it odd that the information is being with-held ?
Maybe this is the only way that Councillor Buck can acquire the data she should have been shown months ago .

Anonymous said...

This is all speculation, including the comment by 12:02. Since Mayor Dawe seems to be the individual blocking information, it is up to him to use the communication skills he once appeared to possess and inform residents about whether the Rangers might not be willing or able to continue the lease.
Simple, no ?

Anonymous said...

16:02 How is 12:02 speculating?

Seems pretty factual to me.

Anonymous said...

12:02 ..Irresponisble….Is that right? If you don’t wish to hear “rumors” or other peoples perspectives/ideas/opinion and facts on this blog?….Go away.

Anonymous said...

15:35, what should you do if you don't want to hear other people's perspectives/ideas/opinions, etc. - people like 12:02?